Truth About American Police 2014

This is the truth about the people hired to serve and protect Americans. It is a sad state of affairs and quick need of repair.

It’s a sad state of affairs so let’s change this. They think you don’t know or see them and that’s why they hide. For various reasons, and they shouldn't be, a lot of people don’t want to admit this.

I hope you learn something good from this, I pray it helps you then it helps all. Here we go! With the exception of emergencies:::

Other than emergencies, I ain’t never seen an American Cop doing anything worthwhile, they’re hiding in the bushes, littering our roads and highways with their blinding lights, pulling over innocent motorist with their high price detection devices, because they ain’t got sense enough to know otherwise. They’re intimidating to the public with their big guns, shining badges and militant type uniforms, in their expensive ass intimidating style cars. They’re a gross endangerment to motorists and innocent bystanders, as they are recklessly driving/speeding, running red lights… without regard to traffic control. They’re wasting and driving up the cost of fuel, oil crisis. They’re abusing privileges and taking bribes, otherwise drugs and violence wouldn’t be as prevalent in low income communities. If American politicians are doing it then you know American policemen are doing it. I am just waiting for one of them cry-baby-asses, CIA, FBI, GBI, down to the last little dick to come forward with the truth, the absolute truth about his or her gay ass? They’re hiding the truth. It just ain’t what it used to be and never will be anymore but they will not admit and we go along with the shit. They’re power hungry hired guns, who enjoy BDSM lifestyle and ain’t nothing wrong with that as long as you can admit. How can you be like that and be a Policeman? American cops are an embarrassment to the United States government and to the very people they serve.

The Police blame the people and the people blame the criminals, which picture is fake, because the problem keeps getting worse?

American police are some of the racists’ bastards to ever walk the face of the earth, for that reason I call them dumb. If you can pay a policeman to properly perform his duties???, then anybody can pay him more to perform theirs.

American cops are Double-Crosser's. They are traitors to their own kind! At this time American Police are as corrupt as it gets. They want you to think they’re your friend, when they’re actually setting your ass up for the kill, ask Bill Clinton, any President, Marcus Garvey, MLK, Mandela, …. ask any black person, ask any damn body who knows.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!