Two Women CANNOT live together.

Is staying together living together?

Well, it was alright before we went to extremes. "Lots of women, of different and the same generations live perfectly amicable together without any stress." So they want you to think but that is not the way it is intended. 

There’s another notion out there and it is, “if you can’t find a good man then get a good woman”.

In today’s world we’ve so confused things, we believe our own bullshit. There are too many "things" to happen to cause us to be in the living situation we're in, none of which change the law of nature. Because you altered your organs does not mean your gender changed.

No, two females "cannot live together", so you don’t have to worry about all this Same-Sex bullshit. I respect it but it is what it is. Is staying together living together?

You must not concern yourself with what the government says, what the church says because they will alter the truth to get their point across.  Kim Davis release from Prison  We’ve altered the truth so long, people must exercise their new found freedom just to prove their free from the bondage of old lies.

You can cut it off, grow it bigger, lick it, play with it, marry it, baptize it, take enhancement drugs, adopt, but that just goes to better prove my point, psychotic, the only change is cosmetic, the outward appearance, but the motor driving it all is still the same.

Many have died trying to prove this wrong. Publicly they act like, but if you listen long enough the truth will come out. Anybody can “act like”, just like same-sex act like the opposite. But due to the natural make-up of human beings, this act can only go so far, for so long.

Anybody can move together but living is a whole nother story. And to be honest, for this same reason it is very hard for two women to even reside together. Does a mother raise her daughters to live with another woman, then why would a daughter raise her daughters to live with another woman? Mothers want their daughters to grow up being the best mother possible and in the natural course of things, there's only one way to become a mother. Though, it does not mean all females will be a mother and consideration must be made.

Women are the females of family. They must learn and practice this role, careful not to veer too far off course, if the natural cycle of life and living is to continue.

This is not Art saying or Art’s opinion or whether or not Art condone or condemn homosexual relationships. Divine intervention says: They can only go so far and that is nowhere near enough to sustain life.

Human beings must understand the natural course of nature and how to carry it out for us to grow. It can only be twisted so much before reaching its breaking point and then what?

There is enough phoniness within heterosexual relationships to be addressed and lots of improvement to be made before human beings can "even entertain the notion of same-sex "living".

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!