Understanding Where you are and Where you Want to be

Why so important, many understand but what good is understanding when you settle for what's being dished to you?

We know the shit ain't right but keep adding fuel to the fire thinking we are going to achieve a different result,,, insane.

Understanding exactly where you are and where you want to be determines who you are. We spend a lot of time in the “go get’em mode”, never fully appreciating anything. We move so fast our minds cannot keep up with where our body is, hence we become vicious liars.

There’s a domestic side to this and there’s and international side to this. How much do you actually know about the international side of where you are and where you want to go? Most, not much, so let’s start with the domestic side.

Travel is the most absolute form of education. If you do not understand and appreciate where you are you will be vulnerable to chasing butterflies. Anybody can come up and trick you, even out of the little you have. It works something like this: If you had mine hand you would want you back.

For unknown reasons today people are very prone to selling you something you don’t need and we are vulnerable enough to buy it. Most of it is done through mass media and false advertisement- extravagant or intensive publicity and promotion. Hype, hype is a motherfucker isn't it? But what do we gain from tricking and using each other?

We end up being overwhelmed with GARBAGE. The garbage accumulates fasting than you can ever consume it and all is for a big fat zero. We have so much good shit available to us but it’s all configure in such a manner you cannot get without money. It is so sad, that what is available to us without money, we put a price on, taking credit for discovering… We are so consume with ownership the intended purpose of everything we need and touch is compromised and corrupted.

The same system we understand is leading us to less of an understanding, what kind of understanding is this? 

Then there's the international side of things. We say love your neighbor but for some unknown reasons we chose to compete. We know and do more about "going to the moon" than we do at helping our neighbors. This estrange relationship with foreigners is the same estrange relations we are experiencing at home but deny, even though we infiltrated by pockets of them. We want them here and we don't want them here, but we want to dictate to them how to live. Why are we helping someone who refuses our help? Why help one side to fight against another? Kinda selfish isn't it and further complicates matters when you figuring out "where you are and what you want to be"?

We get more help from places like China than we are willing to provide for ourselves, but most Chinese people don't live here. It's like I get the next family to make all the shit for my house and complain about my family dwindling economic and social conditions. How does this complete the cycle, the loop, understanding where I am and where I want to be? My future looks so dim and out of touch I have not a clue to what to look forward. I am so confused about the best way to help my people I now turn my focus to helping my self and to hell with my community and that is where we are today. If it hasn't got a dollar sign attached, then it is of little value to me.

Now, we understand where we are is not where we want to be how can you be who you are? If you don't know your purpose how can you know yourself?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!