Understanding The Difference

I beg to understand the difference

The power of understanding!

If you were not taught any difference, would you know any differences? Do the differences you know really make any difference? It all depends on how you were raised? That's true to a certain extent, but ignorance does not alleviate us of our responsibility to learn. You have choices and it is a violation of human rights for anyone to treat another individual in an inhumane manner.

Though we are the same, we are also different. Is not that wonderful? Yes, it is until we are put to the test and then, amnesia gives in to frustration, anger, hatred and violence.

The idea is to get understanding because we must live and work together! Explicit and Implicit Language...

I have a friend and she seems to be so good at that. There is never a task too demanding. She has the greatest “can do attitude” and is always willing to help and that attitude seems to permeate in all her tasks and everyone with whom she comes into contact. It is a pleasure to be around those kind of people.

The opposite of that is me. Nothing ever seems to work, I do not have the time nor patience…I am often unreasonable and unforgiving…it is hard for me to get along with people, I have the worse luck and I am ready to strike out at any time I feel threatened…there are always underlying agendas and people wanting to take the advantage. With myself, I am often frustrated. Stess factor off the grid?

That is why this subject is so important to me: Understanding and Patience. Alone I can do nothing. If I am to live a long healthy life, be happy, achieve my dreams and goals, live in peace and harmony, I must learn and practice patience and understanding with myself and others. I love me and I beg to understand the difference.

Wisdom is the ultimate level of understanding. As with knowledge, wisdom operates within us. We can share our experiences and create building blocks.

Expand your understanding outside your box and share. Go here and Educate yourself to do the same!

Because you have asked ... for yourself understanding to discern what is good, indeed you have a wise and discerning mind.

Art, connecting more doing more.

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