What happens if you don't?

Half cocked, they say above all things get understanding, is this your understanding? Too many of us, for one reason or another, refuse to get understanding. We do not want to know shit and though you may have a good reason, it is killing us.

Which is it better to have, refusing to understand or understanding?

Does it come from ignoring each other? Does it come from generations of hatred? Why would anyone rather do those things over being good to each other? Is it just our nature? Then why do we violate our own nature?

Is this the way it is supposed to be, how did it get that way, how do we correct it?

Is it because we are so good? Are we getting better or worse? What exactly is prosperity? Is it easy to see? Do you have the answer?

If the atrocities we're committing today wasn't so obvious I could understand, but if my dumb stupid self can see them, then I know somethings needs to be done.

No, I cannot change anybody, but I can show them what I see. That will help to bring about a better understanding. What about a man and his word?

Understanding brings about Wisdom

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Understanding the difference

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