Urine Therapy

Using your own piss to save you.

Drinking urine from your own system? Naysayers and positive thinkers, there’s no question how good urine is for your garden.

Most say, “how disgusting”, some talk about the healing powers and the rest have not a clue. From these three categories emerge two extremes, the “naysayers” and the “positive thinkers”, either way this tradition has be going on for a long time. The argument, the naysayers backed by Scientists, consistently denies, criticizes and doubts the medicinal purposes of using your own urine. Between these two extremes comes nothing but chaos and confusion for the rest of the world.

One sighting: John W. Armstrong in early 20th century. Armstrong was inspired by his family's practice of using urine to treat minor stings and toothaches, by a metaphorical reading of the Biblical Proverb "drink water from your own cistern...", and his own experience with ill-health that he treated with a 45-day fast "on nothing but urine and tap water". Starting in 1918, Armstrong prescribed urine-therapy regimens that he devised to many thousands of patients, and in 1944 he published The Water of Life: A treatise on urine therapy.

But how can you talk how disgusting when you enjoy eating the blood of a half-done cow, called rare to medium rare?

Oral sex, a strong submission and craziness towards a beautiful, horny, sexy, dominating, remember how "they" said it was wrong, ain't suppose to do it? And if you did, don't tell nobody, then how did they learn? We're some real-sneaky asses aren't we and when confronted we act like shit never happened? Do you recon Monica understood something Hillary didn't, but Monica was the only one condemned, while her accomplice is still being herald? Why couldn't he just admit to urine therapy?

Well, somewhere, somehow, don't you think there was a little piss somewhere alone the lines? Now, is that disgusting, something to be ashamed, criticized,,, we are some real hypocritical asses aren't we and so much so, we're too ashamed to admit, following who? Do you think a credible scientist would publicly admit to "getting his dick suck or pussy ate out"? Do you think a decent preacher, teacher, wife would admit to "giving the best head"? The crazy thing about our fucking Scientists is they're scammers by day and freaks at night, all day long. All Scientists do is fucking create arguments, whether the earth is round or flat, creation or evolution..., but what did Scientists ever do to stop evil wars?

All the way up from gross atrocities to the atomic/nuclear bomb/energy Science and Scientists have been the culprit but take no responsibility for the adverse actions of their self proclaimed creations - Chernobyl Choir - Your Inner Voice.

Are the side-effects worth the risks? Medicine in its natural form is much more beneficial, our bodies were much more responsive and you could do a lot more with less,,, until Scientists started all "this much more potent bullshit" and now cures cost thousands of dollars instead of "a more knowledgeable people". We are getting more and more diseases we can't cure, when we could have left well-enough alone. Do we even know this?

Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare, what people do you think is responsible?

Like it or not, we're trained from the early days of school to the highest form of education to be Scientists. Formal education, an instrument created by man to control, be superior, qualified to control what you never can control, without getting "out of control".

What animal ignores urine in the senses?

Wasn't it Scientists/Physicists who dreamed up all this racial shit, dna, CSI kind of shit? Do we take our most evil people and label them Doctor? What makes him more important, more credible than the majority of us? Why is it that USDA approved medicine is better than the medicine you can produce for yourself? Is it like your food, do you think they don't piss in their gardens? Can people not be trusted? Viagra, CIAlis... are all controlled mechanisms to make you think you're doing something "you couldn't". Then you'll get up in the morning and start preaching to people about the word "can't".

Scientists. Somehow we've been persuaded to overlook the obvious because Scientists cause us to believe we've figured the shit out. We now know the earth is not flat, but round and seeing this as a new discovery. Since we made this new discovery, created this new lie, we have a new reason to do even more stupid shit. And here's how we know it's "stupid shit": Are we doing any better knowing the earth is round than the people who "knew it to be flat"? Did they intentionally or unintentionally exploit everything?

Even though Scientists say it has no medicinal value to you, your piss is very valuable to them. Pissing is one of the first and most important medicinal checks doctors make to see what's wrong with your ass. So, why can't it tell you what's right?

Why are "golden showers" a turn on? Is there any urine therapy to this?

With all the shit and piss introduced into the earth on a daily basis, Mother Earth has a way of cleansing herself? Ever piss on yourself, do you think naysayers would admit to ever pissing on themselves and would they call that nice or nasty?

Having awareness of everything on this planet is imperative at this time. There’s value in every little "natural thing" and it all fits into the cycle of life, just depends on your needs, at the time. There is release and relief in piss.

To ignore this fact is a great disservice and a direct insult to those in need. No record of anyone dying or becoming more ill from it. Because you are not open to this idea does not render the idea ineffective. Another good point is, your urine can be used against you, drug testing, but we fail to recognize the value in your own urine to help you.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!