It is all a misunderstanding!

There are Six ways to communicate: Talk, hear, see, taste, smell and touch??? They are pretty simple and I believe self-explanatory, six senses, six means of communications, but is there another?

So that is what they say, but I am here to learn and introduce a seventh. Sometimes I get them mixed up six and seven, so if you look back in some of my articles, the seventh I am about to reveal here, I at times included in the six.

I say there are seven senses and seven means of communications, the seventh means of communications being SPIRITUAL COMMUNICATIONS. Though I number it "7", it is not number seven in the hierarchy of all your senses and communication means. It is number one if you were to prioritze them. It is also the most important because spirituality opens the door for all other forms of communications. Without the spirit the body is nothing.

SPIRITUAL COMMUNICATIONS, of all your forms of communications, spiritual communications is the most important to you. Everything starts at home. You can do that when you cannot do anything else. You should do that before you do anything else. Strange but I have heard of people being in a comma yet cognizant of everything going on around them. How do you explain that? Are they in spirit or are they in psyche? Really, I can feel the spiritual side of me every day and is the realm in which I prefer to reside.

I disagree with any forms of psyche communications. I think the psyche is subordinate and somehow more mental than the spiritual, if there is such a thing.

There are two ways to communicate spiritually: Prayer and Praise! I consider meditation to be a form of prayer and the reverse.

Now there are seven senses and seven means of communications: Talk, hear, see, taste, smell, touch and SPIRIT???

(((your inner

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