Listening to your inner voice

Failure to listen is a fatal error...

The problem with the world today is "we do not listen". For many reasons, we are in the habit of following others, like a lynch mod and that is why we are in the shape we are today.

Some will make argue but we all know it is far from where are intended purpose. It's amazing how we claim to be progressing, knowing things are only changing for the worse.

How do we fix this all? The best idea is to learn from nature. Animals move and they are not in the business of limiting each other. We're in the business of limiting each other, without regard to the needs of all. We want to find the best spot to do business, not help our fellow man along his journey, unless he's paying and everyone is striving to follow-suit because it seems so profitable. We've gotten to a point where we cannot afford to follow our God given purpose. And the world is so off course it seems to make sense to remain corrupt to best defend against corruption.

Listening to your inner voice, why? I write to educate myself and to serve as an example to others who may be inclined to do the same. It ain't easy, nor financially rewarding because, who wants to hear their own truths, even though we trust the rewards are much greater? That's all the inspiration i need to stay my course.

To follow all the other bullshit requires a tremendous amount of effort and unnecessary stress. Have you seen all the signs posted advertising businesses and when you seek their products or services how cautious you must be of their scams/tricks, artificial this, superficial that? Imagine having to be so cautious about using friendly products and services, how are we to react towards the use of the products and services from our enemies?

Just like anyone else, I would like to take the shortcuts but they seemed to be guarded by vicious beasts and one must be quite clever to slip pass and once you arrive, you find it ain't what you thought...damn. Now you don't trust yourself.

But since, I've learned of a better, much safer, less stressful and more dignified manner to achieve more than what has been laid aside for me, who wants leftovers?

Pleasure and Pain, How is that feeling of never having what you need and when you do get it, you must keep working like you never had it...? It's dangling carrot. There’s a big difference in never having enough and never having what you need. To not have what you need means you are being denied, now why? People fight to death to get what they want, overlooking what you have and in this, we end up losing and taking for granted what's already provided. What a waste!

What is the reward for listening to you. In our society, it doesn't make money, so you must be who they want you to be.

Is there an inside to you? We spend so much time and effort entertaining what's outside us, we fail to address inside - minding our own business. Even before you were born into this world your inner voice was making way for you.

From conception until the time you started taking responsibility for your own actions, your inner voice was interpreted and understood.

Your inner voice is the driving force for all your senses. It justifies and rationalizes what brings pleasure and what brings pain. The idea being to minimize pain and maximize pleasure. Going against your inner voice brings on guilt and guilt is a scar worn for the rest of your life. You can overcome guilt but like the scar, temptation will be there. The more guilty the more tempted you are. The more depressed the more wild shit you want to eat or want to do.

Your support network is very important in how you experience the good and bad times. Today, is so influened by outside forces -  politicians, mass media... we're intimidated into conforming. It's like a lynch mob encouraging us to do the unthinkable to each other.

When you are out on a limb or overwhelmed that is the first sign of trouble. It is during these times we’re most vulnerable and think we need of our support network of family, friends and professionals. However, as proof today, many of those encounters should have been avoided by handling them differently.

We’ve grown from a very nurturing society, based on our instincts of treating people the way we want to be treated, to a very abusive society based upon mandatory education and institutionalized learning. We are discouraged from learning anything on our own and poisoned with the notion we have come into this world ill-equipped, handicapped. There’s always some institution available to supposedly help you take care all your problems, but this is very unrealistic. Our instincts are so warped and confused with values and morals instilled by greed. 

Now, we’re living in a society mired down by depression and aggression towards people, land and resources. We have more professionals but less effective and efficient. 

Paradox of Our Time

All of which has generated a false sense of security, hence we cannot get enough security and surveillance equipment to satisfy our paranoia of each other.

Now, it is even harder to listen to Your inner voice and even harder to achieve happiness.

Achieving Happiness

It is upto us and we’re told this over and over again but it seems to fall on deaf ears. There is a very high price for this, very severe consequences for ignoring your inner voice.

All these things are present within us to be shared with the rest of us and that is the process of communicatons.

(((your inner

What is Existence

Your inner voice never lies

Experience Freedom and a greater sense of purpose.

zen habits studying

Proverbs 3:5-6 

how to listen to everybody

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!