What Color is Santa Claus

Race war on Christmas sheds new light on the truth or consequences for believing in fictional characters. How is Santa Claus connected or related to Jesus Christ?

It is very interesting this racial war about Santa was ignited by a white woman? Had I attempted to label Santa as being "one race" nobody would pay it any attention, so why is this receiving so much media coverage today?

Why would anyone ask such question or argue such demographics of a “fictional character”? Why would anyone make a big deal out of such nonsense for the purposes of explaining to kids? Why do you want your kids to know whether or not Santa is just for and from one race? Why would any human being want such a humane fictional character, meant to bring Joy and Peace to the world, to be black or white?

If we gave Santa a race or color, would that be any indication of “favoritism or prejudice” on behalf of Santa and his ethnic origin?

Santa Claus and Jesus Christ are depicted as white because White people came up with and promoted this commercial bullshit, which they have historically done, and anybody with good sense understands this.

Let me make this perfectly clear, during the history of America White folk ain't never been right and this is not an opinion, but fact, truth. So, anything coming from them, whether about Santa or Jesus is "false". What's wrong with Santa being "mixed" or multi-racial, to save face?

What is the relationship between Santa, a fictional character, who brings gifts to children and Jesus Christ, who was born to save the world?

The relationship is that we're asked to believe in both without ever questioning their existence. The whole idea of Santa and Jesus is commercially promoted by a people with a giant superiority complex, driven by greed. Going back to yesterday

Today, Santa Claus and Jesus Christ are the color GREEN, for money. What color is Santa, which one?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!