What is Success to Black Americans

Success for Black Americans is the same as for White Americans. What is success for White Americans? To keep Black Americans working for it.

Why Black American jobs, education are not as rewarding as White American jobs? We know why White Americans’ stuff is good enough for them, but why is not Black American stuff just as good for Black Americans? Why are Black Americans never good enough without White influence? One friends says, “Why is White ice colder than Black ice”?

The facts are, Black American have been so indoctrinated they believe the never ending lies of white Americans. Even White Americans know their commitment to Black Americans is only a lie. Why do Black Americans act so dignified when they when they are made to believe they are accepted, respected by White Americans. If they do not respect Barack Obama,,, heck these folk do not even respect themselves, they cannot.

Does pay make it acceptable and honorable for you to perform for the same country which oppresses your people? Is that any more honorable than the likes of prostitution, drugs, crime, ghettos, the hood? Why are not the homes, communities, the products and services of Black Americans as desired as those of White America? Why do Black American put so much more value in the money of White America than they do in serving their own kind? Why is working for White America a higher priority over working for Black America? Why is our soil so barren and theirs so futile?

Has slavery really changed?

Black Americans know what the problem is, and that is “they blame everybody but themselves”. How can you blame somebody else for your failures? Allowing anyone to suggest you need their anything to be successful is admitting defeat. You destiny is in their hands. But nooo, Black Americans believe themselves to be “slicker”. They feel they can meet all them White folk standards, yet remain true to their identity. We do it knowing this is neither ethically or morally right. Our excuse is, “it pays my bills”. This is no more than criminals we claim to be reforming. The more money we make, the better justification for betraying our own people.

Who wants to be Black and now you understand why.

Having a white partner is not the grounds for respect, just like being on the cover of a most popular White American Magazine, tv show, sporting event, first black this, the first black that… all that stuff pits one of us over the other, the bigger question, For whom?

Though Black Americans would like for the world to be we are truly making progress in America, we know inside, we are not. We have moved from recognizing each other to ignoring each other, especially if you are Black. Like the people we condemn, Black Americans, in the company of Black Americans, do not even have the self-respect to acknowledge each other, but we have permission to shine on each other. What the hell makes any celebrity, sports figure, politician; civil rights leader shit BETTER THAN MY SHIT? We believe in putting all our faith in one man, one God? Tell me, why cannot there be more than one God? Why are you so hell bent on proving to the world, “there is only one God” with your hypocritical ass? What does that say about our view of our foreign neighbors, when Afrikans, historically acknowledge their own God. Karma, you get what you give and others have no respect for us following the wrong people, hiding behind their skirt tails, failing to take responsibility for our own people.

Are we as stupid and as ignorant as they show on tv, how do you know? If you know no more than what they taught you and have never experienced more than they allow, how do  you know better? Why are Black Americans so quick to side with or defend the wicked behavior of White Americans? Why do we fight their wars, work to solve their problems, relish in being Bill Cosby by them, while neglecting our own? It is understandable why White Americans do not do more to help Black Americans, but why do not Black Americans do more to help Black Americans. Black Americans just cannot be trusted by their own kind, as much as they can be trusted for White America. We know the answers, we just act like we do not.

Though we have more religion, more education, more of everything but what we need, we have significantly less as a people. Which is more important, more rewarding, selfless or selfish? Is taking good care of others equal to neglecting your own? Is landing that dream job really what you wanted or is the temptation stronger? The higher the position the more cut-throat the people- pecking order. Ask Barack, Bill Cosby... who's zooming who? Yet mentors keep selling better jobs, greater careers, more money, more house, cars, bling, more, more more when you know it is actually less. The bigger you are the harder they come after you. Where is the honor in being betrayed, portrayed and advertised as what they want you to be, what about you? Are they more concerned in tempting the rest of us? Will they recognize you for being the real you? Man be true to thyself.  "Unscathed—but alone"

Why are Black Americans so determined to be treated equal to a group of people with less character? Is being rewarded with their money really that important to you? What wrong with multiple currencies? Even White Americans know they are treated better by Black Americans than they deserve. That is why race relations have made so little progress in America.

Black Americans are no way free, but fear themselves and the American White Supremacists, which will not tolerate their shit. They tolerate us only when they are getting what they want, the rest of the time you are on the clock.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!