When do kids actually grow up and become adults?

When kids become killers??? Did you know kids can be killers and they will kill over their parents, abuse and money?

The situation is a bit misleading and if you find yourself in one of these kind of relationships, BE FOREWARNED!

It amazes me how kids with take all the violence and abuse from their slaves masters, police... but how quickly they will expunge a lover. Who is actually the most perceived threat and threat to what, a man trying to help his mate or a policeman flaunting his badge?  Is there more disciple and abuse in prison than in our homes? Who's the more authoritative figure?

When do kids actually grow up and become adults? What should they do? How long does it take a kid to find himself? What does it take to make a kid a killer?

Everybody is somebody’s kid but today there are more grown-ass kids staying at home with momma. These homes can include grown-ass kids and grown ass grand-kids, just depends on the age of parents. What are the repercussions and why does this need addressing? Why would a healthy child go out and have children and drag them back home to be raised by their parents, especially a single parent? What kind of parent would want this and what kind of parent would put their children off on someone else and who would welcome this? Reminds me of child-trafficking.

Is this how we want to raise our children? Is this how we want to create families? Is this working towards good family practices and do we have any control? Anyway, these children grow up and are still at home and still trying to make a life for themselves, when mom is ready for a mate. They are 18 years of age to being in their late forties.

 Just in the last weeks a 30 year old male was killed, shot dead, one shot, by his girlfriend. Now, he’s dead and she is in prison. The investigation revealed the boyfriend was actually shot by the son of the girlfriend and the mother took the rap.

 This kind of domestic violence and abuse happens more than we would like to admit, so let’s see if we can address some of it. It is hard enough to maintain healthy relationships before kids and with the biological relatives, much less with lovers. There are many reasons for the realities of life but what are we doing to address them?

 Society, there is the old world and the new world, the old world society, is too often out of touch with the growing needs of its citizens and that is why citizens are too eager to escape the hindrances of the old world. Then, there are the covert and overt efforts to cover and uncover this transition. Everybody wants to "rock with somebody" but how do we do this and prosper?

Why aren't old folk eager to change and why don’t younger folk want to be more open in their coming-out?

 As you can see, these components are the catalyst for disaster. Do you know the value of relationships and making crucial decisions in a timely manner, what is the man to do? Emergencies are the reasons for planning. If you are not naturally in agreement then you’re setting your family up for catastrophe.

 Because most households are lead by women, men often blindly come into these situations. The situation is mom is going in one direction and kids in another when she drags in a man to compliment her efforts, eventually all hell breaks loose.

Mom, in her efforts to single-handily balance these power struggles, is trying to help make these transitions smooth but timing is too often the issue.  The explosiveness of these situations is very unpredictable and left to their own development is hurtful, harmful and destructive. Updating, explaining and introducing new roles.

 Kids are accustomed to having mom all to themselves while still being very attached to their missing biological parent. Call it grieving, realistic, unrealistic, bad choices, whatever you want but all these dynamics are still playing out, while mom and new lover are getting their kicks.

If all parties are working, being responsible and productive, there’s less chance of conflict. But, if any one of these parties are “going along for the ride” the probability of conflict and/or power struggles is high. The problem is No hardworking person is going to be silent while they perceive another is taking advantage of their efforts. There's  no right or wrong, just fact. This issue needs to be addressed in order for families to make this transition easier and everyone can move forward smoothly. I say, “Even swap no swindle”.

Initially there’s no problem, mom is happy while the other two parties are at odds, and as time goes on their two different agendas are bound to come to clash, without the proper negotiations.

Mom refuses to make these negotiations because in her eyes these are her children, her plan, in her time, her house and the man should mind his own damn business. The attitude is, what’s the problem as long as you're getting what you want?

There are many personality types, but based upon what is actually happening in our society, our constant search for love, our mates are thrust into well intentioned relationships, without consideration of the dangers lurking. Which are the same dangers happening in our society. We’re sending our children into the dangerous world without proper preparation and in doing so we are actually setting them up for failure.

Proper preparation, if you're teaching your child to be honest, smart-working, communicate… you're setting them up for failure. Who's honest these days? This new world operates on “CASH”, something which couldn’t be more corrupt, the way we operate. So, whose fooling who? How do you get the cash, without taking the advantage and/or being taken the advantage of?

What's the point in raising a healthy child to stay home because they cannot stand on their own two feet and  you enable this? This violates the laws of nature. Even the most handicapped must learn to live without their parents because parents will not always be around.

Every killer is somebody's child. You might grow up but being responsible is a team thing.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!