Where is the Safer place to live in America?

Who is the frontman for the Great Escape from Poverty to where?

Move in a better, safer neighborhood, go back to school, get a job, comb your hair, buy nice clothes, get a car, make money, be a good family man, go to church, Oh, life is so much better on the other side....and the list goes on. Do you see what is actually happening? If this shit has not worked in all this time, will it ever? It this shit is causing economic and social decline do we want more of it? Well, how do they pull this off?

Are you trying to escape who you really are? Remember, where you are and where you want to be determines who you are. Is it where you want to be or is it a mirage created to detour you into the state of siege, the state of doing nothing and calling it something.

You get what we would like to call a lucky break in life and they put you up there as an example for the rest of us and what do you? Portray the grass as being greener on the other side so we are more willing to keep working and paying. It ain't and as a matter of fact, there ain't even grass you are showing me. The people who even teach English don't speak it, they are always talking over you head, behind closed doors, why? Why do we need more and more security? Who is monitoring all this security bullshit?

Now, you are getting paid because I watch your show, buy your books, come to your games, dance to your music, buy your bullshit, buy all the technical bullshit... all of which is sponsored by the very same people "blocking my way". They no longer have a need to be slave masters because we aspire to be the new slave masters. They are so clever to have us blocking our own way, damn! While they attend meetings to create more shit to profit their pockets - selfish.

We are "their" police, hired to protect and serve their interest. We abandoned our own and if we were any kind of real police then there would be no need for policemen. If we knew how to live in decent communities,if we maintained good communities, if we knew how to treat each other, loved our kids there would be no need to abandon our own. Think about shit, it is all about money, pitting the wealthy against the poor and your ass is guilty. I do not know one wealthy person who is genuinely happy, but I know plenty who are miserable in their own skin, have sold their souls and are bound by the phoniness of their lavish lifestyles.

Now, you are going to tell me, nobody can block your way if you believe... but why do we go to war? What about scandals, believe me, there something out there which can be intentionally placed to trip your phony ass. That is why we must be so cautious. Be realistic, let's face it, we are all very vulnerable, especially from the inside. 

So, they pay you big money to be the frontman to help masquerade all their dirty work, why? Because we all know ain't nothing changed, ain't going to change and that is because "we fail to change". THE TRICK - do you think money makes you any better than those without? Come on now, we all know the more money you have, the more problems, stress, potential for corruption... and what::: the shit just keeps getting higher and higher. They call it inflation but we all know the deal.

So, why do all these post-turtle celebrities allow themselves to be put out front as if they escaped poverty and all the shit which goes along with it?

Do not they have jails in wealthy cities, do not they have crime in wealthy cities, DO NOT they have racism in wealthy cities,...on and on and on. Poor people do not start wars, host sophisticated bogus elections, own evil banks, insurance, unaffordable housing, poor quality food, air, water... Poor people do not exploit people, land and resources.

Let the truth be told, All this evil shit is created by the wealthy for the wealth but the "po man" gets the blame. The only reason they allow you to come in where I cannot is because, "They are making money off your dumb ass", CORRUPTION; otherwise they would allow me to do the same damn thing. But then, how would they make money?

But how could they have a tv show, if it was not for a them and us? Do you know how many underprivileged people got the, what we want to call opportunity for Bright Lights and Big City? They went before you and told their success stories, none of which was PRETTY. There was the same and in many cases more, violence and abuse, drugs, alcohol, sex, corruption, overweight, racism, jim crow, stealing, cursing, .... why do we come out with these lies like "being in the money" is where you want to be, when we know "being in the money" is (((far more treacherous))) than not having any?

People without money are guilty of being disillusioned to the illusion portrayed by people believed to have achieved FAME AND FORTUNE.

Does driving an over-priced car make for a better person? Does paying for an over-priced lavishly decorated home behind an iron fence make you any better than the person behind "iron bars"? No, it makes you worse because you are a PHONY, being paid to mislead the rest of us and we are chopping-at-the-bit to get the same deadly favor, the same illusion, the same dream, the same controlled destiny, standing in line to jump off the same bridge. What they do not tell you is that "you did not jump". They spared your life to lure the rest of us - old trick and we are still falling for it.

When you ask yourself how did they pull off slavery, now you have the answer---Tricked.

Does fame and fortune make you any better than us unsung heroes? I am just as tempted as the next man and that is why I share this. Help me, help you. If our society embraced "unsung heroes" we would have a better society.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!