Which people is Most responsible for the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Most would say they don't care because they would like to believe it is over, but have the sneaky suspicion it is not, why? Certainly, a people would not inflict such pain and suffering upon their own people???

Who would want to be responsible, in whole or part, for committing such atrocities against a people? However, the desire to hide your head in the sand, is a do-nothing attitude and only allows such atrocities to continue.

African-Americans primarily hold Whites and Westerners accountable and responsible for all the horrific atrocities committed against them, during The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. We fail to acknowledge this is only where we landed.

For the grand scale of this horrific operation, the problem is, no specific people or person was ever held responsible for the committing any inhumane acts,  during all those centuries and no one comes forward for what injustice was committed against them to justify participating in an operation so criminal, violent and abusive as The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. What good is a terroristic act if no one comes forward with their demands?

Well, today is proof, a new understanding and overstanding. Did Afrikans know their own people were coming up missing and to what fate missing people were being subjected? Did they inquire about missing people? Did Afrikans want justice served? How can you keep a shameful secret, which was so widespread? How could so many people been abducted and no one keeps record, no one remembers which of their ancestors were taken away? No one remembers the disappearance of their family members , if it was a criminal act or an acceptable practice, for fellow Afrikans to just disappear out of Afrika. No one wants you back, no one is searching for you and no one cares?

There was a Shindler’s List for the Holocaust but no list or recollection for the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade? No, Afrikan has ever complained about family, friends, fellow human beings being abducted or coming up missing during the entire operation of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.  

 The Mother Land and all the stuff African-Americans have done to reach back to Afrika and achieve some level of closure for the atrocities committed against us during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, it has come to this. It is only natural for a displaced people to want to return home, but very unnatural to learn the place called home, rejects you.

This is why and how The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade flourished. This is why and how it still exists today. This is how and why Afrika is plagued by so called Whites and Westerns. This is how and why apartheid is so widespread in Afrika. This is how and why the gap between Afrikans and African-Americans is so great and steady widening.

How did Afrikans make the decision of which people to let go into slavery and which people to keep at home?

The people most responsible for The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade are Afrikans. And just like every other horrible thing we claim started in Afrika, this really did.

Talking about a people, cannibalizing their own people. Who would want to believe your own mother, sister, brother, friend, lover, King,
Queen, Tribal leader would be so driven to give you up to slavery? Day break in America!

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The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

"The problem with Black and White America"

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!