White Man Call Me Brother

Why not, now?

White Man, in rural back woods “racist ass” Georgia.

Is the state of Georgia, USA racist or is that they just don’t know any better?

Today, in one of the most racist cities, backwoods Georgia or anywhere else in America. The higher, the more affluent they think they are, the least likely. Why is that? IF you ask people why do you hate me, they can't give an answer, they don't know why and they weren't born hating and they don't understand, dot, dot, dot,,, because it is bullsh t passed from generation to generation...

I just stopped to get gas, when a white man spoke to me saying, “Hello,,,Brother”.

A white American male does not normally speak to a Black American male, first, especially; in rural America.

So, what's so interesting about that? Look at my picture. The fact or the same way we embraced the election and the re-election of America's first Black President. It's proof more than just black people recognize the need for action behind our words. The need for positive change when it comes to how one human being should treat another.

I was surprised he even spoke. You know they talk all that shit, while they do just the opposite. I’m not bragging and sure ain’t boasting for a white man to speak to me first.

It's not that I personally give-a-shit, but just a fact, you're hurting yourself and others. It hurts like hell if you have a conscious. Why would you do that, how does it profit or prosper a people? Why beat yourself? One day you will wake up, it's a learned behavior.

I am happy to be a part of "real change, in America, for the good of all mankind", in my life time, real time. Why say one thing knowing you're doing another? Just as with cutting your own throat, "you will bleed to death" and there ain't nothing you or anyone else can do. You would rather self-destruct than do right, over something you never had, lol.

White America think they have all the power, but they do not know how to improvise, they do not admit to why they felt they needed slaves in the first place, nothing has chaned, you still have that ugly air of superiority you deceive yourself.

Just as I point out many of the bad things “we” do, I’m very pleased to share with you my first encounter, sign, confirmation that things are truly changing between black America and White America.

We all know, we've song about it, fought over it, lied about it, ignored..., but did nothing. We know it's long overdue and we want it to be different, knowing all the time.

It's a sign that white American males recognize themselves they are not as superior as they may think they are. That they are no less or more than the rest of us and any other thinking makes them less than what they say a human being is supposed to be. For all the atrocities they've committed, this is a hard pill for them to swallow and understandingly so, but when a man fails to first admit to himself, then who is he fooling.

White Americans start out with good intentions, but the desire to be accepted by their own people, at all costs brings demise, saying "it ain't my problem", they want you to be responsible -women rights... and it ain't the fault of the children, but Adults.

The same standards you supposedly set for yourself, why do you expect me to uphold them,,, especially when you do not? The more power you perceive you have the worse get, why is that? The more you fuck up shit, why is that?

Why did/do you go through so much shit to keep another man down? How can you be up, when you're holding me down? How can you recognize true talent and overlook me? I ain't no genius, but I know what I'm doing because I've always been good, not greedy, selfish, seven sins. I didn't write them?

Tell me and I'll forget, teach and I'll remember, involved me and learn.

However, I am happy that change is finding it's way to Blacks and whites in rural, racist, America, backwoods, Georgia. The same state that banned black professionals like Ray Charles from performing, is now showing, openly expressing signs of change and the acceptance thereof, since civil wars. GEORGIA ON MY MIND, what does that really mean?

Now, this was one courageous white man, being first to exchange a warm and friendly greetings with another human being in America. What happens when you speak to a Mexican, a Towel Head, in America? Are they trained to properly greet you, Black Brothers? They treat our women with more respect than they do their men? The proof is, “How do you treat their women”? Why isn’t the feeling mutual?

Every man must stand on his own two feet.

(((your inner voice)))

(What about them Hoover Round Drivers?) Man in wheelchair shoots driver...

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!