Lower Class People

Why does the upper class refer to themselves as "the elite"?

Lower class and low class means what? Are they the same? What about Ghetto?

Social classes, do they make a difference, why? Is it about income or quality of life? There is a thin line between independence and dependence, working as a group and working as individuals while being a community. Some people do not want to be helped, pride, but how do you accomplish the maximum in the minimum amount of time?

Lower Class People to Upper class people? What motivates us to do what we do? Is it the need to survive or greed? Are we trying to escape our shameful past? Are you personally responsible for our predicament?

What do we see in "our future", how? Social networks, what do they mean? Is it a good way to see how people interact on equal footing?

Is only the lower class plagued by inhumane treatment, scandals, crime and prone to bad decisions, bad credit and debt? Then, why is the lower class blamed/identified with the brunt of it all, everything sinful, when the upper class is making all the major decisions? Why does not the lower class do more to promote good things, things that make you elite, within their communities?

Unlike upper class, why do some consider it offensive to be referred to as "low class" when they are in the lower class? What is the difference?

You can be in the upper class, but still considered "low class" and you can be in the lower class, but not considered "low class". It is all based on how you treat yourself and others. The seven deadly sins?

How are we exploited? Is it by a foreign source or is by each other? The lower class respects power and really don't have much to say. Can we do better, how? If we did, would we narrow the gap between social classes?

How serious are you about your relationships? Can you really help someone, anyone, are you willing? Can you read and write, what about understanding? What about establishing real Jobs?

The bottom line is the end result, quality products and services and that is all about a mentality different from social classes.

It's no secret that our society is falling apart and it's OBVIOUS that it's because the upper and lower classes just cannot come together, not about the important stuff anyhow. We cannot just sit here and not help each other, if we do the economy will never get any better and we would be no better than the classes about which we speak.

How many more ways can we divide ourselves. Will we do it until nothing remains? Like two mules and wagon or a dog sled team, when will we pull and push together? Who's going to train us?

Drama and Relationships.

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