Your Bullshit

Why is there so much bullshit and what's going to happen?

What shape was the earth before we learned it was flat?

Why get caught up in the bullshit of others? Why does man-made appear to be more attractive than natural? Bling, Bling!

There’s a bottom to this and there’s a top to this.

Bottom:  What is your bullshit? Your bullshit is deceit, deception, listening and following the bullshit from the top.

Why is your bullshit? Not following your inner voice because you’re taught to fear following yourself. Some think they're following themselves by following others, but what's healthy for one person might kill another. Why would I want to make you eat what I eat?

The results are what you see on a daily basis, we’re saying one thing, but doing another. How long can you last like that? Why do you kill your future like that? As a result our kids grow up even more stupid than our dumb asses, and you wonder why our seniors are treated in such an inhumane manner. A better phrase is “being viciously pitted against each other”.

“Everything” we need for self-sustaining and healthy living “comes right out of the ground”. It’s already here, in the purest form. We’ve been taught the purest form is no good for us and it needs to be treated by government official to ensure it’s good for consumption by the general population.

So, everything we get has been chewed, portioned out, by some appointed selfish authority to approve what is to be give to the very people to whom it is to be served. This people was so corrupt, vicious, not trustworthy to themselves they organized themselves to be governed by someone less qualified and concerned, so they will feel worthy. Now, we’re too damn fat and lazy to get up off our asses and prove otherwise.

We’re too damn ashamed to be happy with what we make. It all has to be blinging! We’ve become so brainwashed nothing looks good unless it has been touched, approved, legalized by the powers that be.

From the top: Why are our people so hard on each other? Why do you create such division, confusion, chaos, only to line your pockets, by appealing to our greed and strong desire to get ahead of each other? The question is why do we want to get ahead of each other and where are we going that nobody else can go? What happens when you are the first to arrive, the first African-American to highly shine shoes? Do you really think you’re the first? Who could blame you, with a people being so stupid.

Now, we’re so consumed by bullshit, we look outside for everything. What kind of people would overlook what is already given to them, free of charge to pay for bullshit? Why do we buy bullshit when everything we need is given? Why does man-made appear to be more attractive than natural? Bling, Bling!

(((your inner

Victim of your own bullshit

The Deliverer

The American Dream, Why so illusive, deceptive, unreal…?

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!