a selfish drama queen and relationship control freak

Reading comments in this article"String Along Relationships" inspired me to write about this very important subject. I might not get a chance to finish it today but I will start.

A selfish drama queen and relationship control freak are the reasons our relationships die an early death. We have so many broken hearted people walking around acting happy. Like a jail cell to an inmate and incarceration to general population, we think by hobbling a man, this man is OUR's. We do this not even knowing what we are doing and this evil as practice has become the head of our relationships.

The reason for this is "Being Raised Out of Balance" and this notion being preached and teached in our great institutions. We want a God fearing man, but we make ourselves God fearing suitors. Who determines when or if you are a God fearing and keep in mind, this is not  your call.

Being God fearing, and this is a God we know least about,  is not something you can verbalize, but a lifestyle you choose to live. If you find a person saying they are "God fearing" then you know they are lying. Then we drag all these unrealistic expectations into our relationships. This makes us hypocrites because we do not practice what we preach.

First, it was men putting these unrealistic expectations on women, treating our own women like second class citizens. Now, women are doing the same, in their efforts to achieve equality, but who would want to be treated equal to a man who abuses you? Call it women's rights or so but these same women are guilty of racism. Even crazier, neither party wants to be told what to do, out of fear of being perceived as subordinate. The only thing left is dominance and today we are rapped up in a fight to dominate each other without the other party knowing.

This is the clever part about our religion and other great institutions of higher learning, they are all about dominating without knowing you are being dominated. We fail to teach the give and take role of life because we too reluctant to abandon all the evil way we have created for self -hypocritical. It is alright to be holy and sanctified, and you can push this onto your neighbor, but a sin to be freaky, when the real freak is the person portraying themselves as holy and sanctified??? Who does not want to be treated like a queen or king, but how do you know what that is? Not what you think, but what really is? Is it reasonable to treat everybody in a  royal sense or treat everyone with the respect and dignity due to all human beings?

We claim to know what is holy and sanctified but ignorant to the rights of human beings. The next time you want to tell about how "God fearing" you are and dictate to a partner about how God fearing they should be...check the God within you about which, you do not need a book to better understand.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!