As God as it Gets

Is this as good as it gets, God and everything? who compliments you in your growth?

The problems of the world, do they outweigh the good? Are we creating more than we're solving? That's a double whammy!

How do you get what everybody wants you to have, but nobody's willing to share? Go figure? 

Am I as good, God as I can be? Why do you keep saying things like... she's doing too much for you,  you're not the only one, he doesn't love you, there will be another... How negative can you be?

And this is what I say to you:  Is this as good as it gets? Its beautiful thing when you find someone that's in love with your mind.

Someone who wants to undress your conscience and make love to your thoughts. Do you understand about what I'm talking?

Someone who wants to watch you slowly take down as many walls as you've built up around your mind and are willing to lay them aside.

Can you have too many of them, too much of that? Is this something to be ashamed of or is it something to embrace? Should we all have it for each other or should it be reserved just for you or a mighty few?

We should be together sharing the joy we´ve amassed... for which we´ve worked so hard and smart and I'm preparing for this day... The world needs love and it's all about who compliments you in your growth.

How is that you want to be love by everybody but not willing to share your love with everyone? Why do you want to cheat yourself because we're all sharing whether you like it or not. Like an over protective dog about his food, will you live to fight another day, if you bite the hand that feeding you?

What to know why domestic violence and abuse runs rampart in our homes, communities, country???

We're so conditioned/programmed in "deeply rooted bullshit", we cannot even see our way out - the seven deadly sins. Everything is mine, mine, mine when you don't own shit, not even yourself when you don't listen.

ohhh yes I plan to do more things that scare the shit out of me, how bout you?

(((your inner

Lover of life 

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!