by Marti
(Gainesville, GA)

Is the American voters finally waking up? The Scott Brown win in Massachusetts doesn't mean the Republican Party is going to control Congress. It means that Americans are voting out the brain dead politicians who don't understand that politician-lobbyist bills that don't benefit the American voters will be rejected big time.

A few longtime Congressional members have already announced they will not seek re-election. They see the handwriting on the wall. The American voter wants real fixes to real problems from true economic revival, to healthcare and good foreign policy.

The American people gave President Obama a mandate to fix the Healthcare system, the Economy, and Foreign Affairs, which are all interrelated to the prosperity of this country.

I fear the current healthcare bill will fall far short of it's objectives due to the pork, the compromises and preservation of profitability for the insurance and pharmaceutical industry with the costly expansion of coverage. In fact, it may even cause major harm to a very fragile economic recovery. I question if the Omnibus approach to fixing healthcare will ever work, due to catering to the special interests who are interested in preserving the status quo.

It is appalling that the lobby industry spends over $3 billion dollars per year and have 6 medical lobbyists for each Congressman. How can we ever produce an objective healthcare bill under the current methodology?

President Obama is to be applauded for signing the order to re-invigorate 500 community health centers around the country and moving forward on electronic record keeping which should be all encompassing. This approach will work. One step at a time. The electronic record keeping should be utilized for medical history, medical treatment and statistical analysis, and mandated on a federal level. The state insurance regulations that limit competition should be eliminated. These initiatives will allow the competitive market place to rapidly reduce administrative overhead in the medical insurance arena. In addition, better statistical analysis will pinpoint which medical practices are doing more harm than good.

Currently, the majority of Americans believe that the Healthcare Bill will not meet the initial intent of fixing Healthcare. Their displeasure may cause a major change in the outcome of the November 2010 elections. Since Congress does not have term limits, the only way to get the message across to our Congressman that they are to act in behalf of the constituency and not special interests is to vote the sitting Congressman out at each election regardless of political affiliation.

The real healthcare focus should be on improving the nutritional base of all Americans and eliminating the cumulative effects of toxins in our environment. Prevention is the real cure for our Healthcare system dilemma and health education is key.

Will we ever demonstrate true leadership and vision? I fear not.

(some excerpts borrowed from Tom Braun,RPH.)

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