I'm trying to aggravate a teacher...

How many cars do you need to drive to work

How do you get a car without working? Now, you know why the crime rate is so high.

How many cars did we need before? Is more less or is less more in this case? Which is better for us?

These are your test questions, get them wrong and you already know. Who's your teacher? "Listening to your inner voice"

Did you need anybody to teach you how to cry? That is the problem, just like driving,, we give folks a car without ever teaching them how to drive. Think about the consequences!

Do you think every person driving is even capable of being capable to drive and it ain't all because of age. What happens when people more blind than Stevie Wonder are encountered? People with the an IQ of less than acceptable is a mild way of putting it? It's getting harder and harder to tell the difference between people driving like fool and a fool driving --.

Driver's rage, boy, boy, boy, you feel lucky just having survived, narrowly escaping death, but you still can't have drive's rage. Even professional drivers are worst, taxi's leaving you, trucks sleeping at the wheel and don't mention the most scary driving period of allllll,,,, rush hour traffic. Being stuck in the middle of everybody rushing to get where they need to go. They don't call it rush our for nothing and we're busy fucking with the time. You reckon better than building more vehicles to get on even more roads to maintain, with more people not trained to drive more expensive vehicles, for more expensive cops with even more expensive cars to catch more vehicles violating more laws, on more overcrowded roads..., like ants on a crushed ant hill... Don't we have anything better to do?

(((your inner voice.com))) Hittin the lottery and you can hit it too. All you need is a girl worth hittin the lottery for. This man won because he was playin for his wife. When are they going to put WARNING: Lottery tickets are hazardous to your health. And not everyone who smokes die from smoking, lottery also could increase your chances of irresponsible, broke, can't pay important bills, prioritize, robbing peter to pay paul when paul doesn't need paying? What is the difference between "a curse" and cancer?

how long did it take to pay off a billion dollars? Can you drive more than one car at a time?  I bet Floyd Mayweather, Jr. can. And from the inside you don't even know how you look while driving, you're only thinking what you want others to see. What good does it do me to see how good you look in the car you ain't even equipped to drive? Is that why we put more apps in them, since you can't drive you may as well fuck with some of this shit while rolling down the road. Does the reverse camera help at all, then why don't we put them in the front, especially when trying to parallel park? Some have trouble even with no other cars around. Ever see those cars stuck out in traffic. Like they said, "fuckit this is close enough" they take a chance at getting a ticket because everybody else is catching hell trying to get by and they don't even know. Driver's rage without another driver being present!!!

(((your inner voice.com)))

"Paying and earning millions of dollars"

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!