how prevalent is incest within the Black Family

For some reasons we say this is not a problem with in our families, is perverted but yet too many of us are hiding the truth?

Incest, the art of inbreeding or breeding within the family, how far does this extend because we are all family??? It is in this answer the conflict lies because a person will do what they want in order to get what they want.

So, we have created barriers to discourage incest, based upon too broad of a definition for incest. We want you to love or have sex with whom we approve and in order to ensure this happens we have created so many taboos, we no longer know which are still applicable or being followed and/or violated. "Sense of agreement is lost in freedom to do what you want." --- Art Thomas

Just like chickens in a pin, so are we but we, in our infinite wisdom has implemented certain rules, regulations to make us look like something we do not even know, a monster. We would rather act like our definition of this monster and go underground with perversion, than be above ground with our definitions of perversion, defeating this monster. Now, which of these is truly perversion?

Same-sex is another good example of our hypocritical mentality. It is okay to go about professing your loyalty, love and commitment to the same gender while condemning those who first condemned you??? You want the safety of the herd but yet you do not want the herd to tell you what to do??? You now deny sex with the opposite but you want the opposite to accept you??? Do you know this is going to end up just like what you turned against? Can you see this?

Our greatest excuse for hiding the truth is guilt experienced in dealing with our slavery issues. It is okay for a slave master to commit heinous crimes against his slaves but not his own people??? It is acceptable for you to sleep with the devil as long as you are getting what you want??? It is okay for you to earn a healthy income working for the devil but not for me to break a law trying to feed my family??? Ever look at these television shows, mass media exploiting the notion, "we cannot think for self"? How there are so many cases/incidents of justice being administered in a wicked manner? Then it is okay for a person who so perceives himself to commit these crimes, be it against his own people or not.

What is the honor in allowing your slave master(s) to use you as a sex slave and denying sex to your own family members? How can you claim he made you submit and deny me to death?

YOu accept the motherfucker "kicking your ass everyday" to do whatever the fuck he pleases, just to get him off your ass. You even promote his interests to gain his favor and then you want to turn around and dictate/justify this to me, but you don't want me to do it???

"The urge to prove dominance is far greater than the urge to prove subordination, but we want you to think otherwise".--- Art Thomas (((your inner

"Can Black Men have fun With Black Women"

(((your inner


YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


What do like minded-people have in common?

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I love incest never actually penetrated but I'm hopin to find the right woman whit my same likes of incest and mature about it Not rated yet
U live incest i wish to have a family like that if if I can find the right woman wit the mature mentamentality hope there's some one out there for me

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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