Is it acceptable for a LGBT person to raise up a child? Is it better to hand your child off to a would be thug or to break them in yourself?

Why don't rich folk subscribe to the practice of having romantic relationships with poor people?

The XX and the XY chromosomes? Is it better to practice racism and ignore incest? How close do we really want to be related? Is that date on a dating site blood related to you? What is a relative and why is there so much animosity between us?

Is it normal? Am I normal? Are you normal? Am I incest or am I just really horny and have nothing better to do! What are your limits and where do you draw the line?

It is a breeding thing! Or is it more a mind thing?

You know, I often think of what to do when I have too much time on my hands. Though this subject has come to mind, I often put it off. It is just that simple to me but my mind...a serious state of denial and neglect!

However, for some this is not the case and for less fortunate perpetrators and victims, it is far too late but for attitude adjustments, finding better ways and confessing, it is never too late, so why do we prefer denial of something, we claim, so sensitive to us??? Still today, I thank God for giving my parents the courage not to have sexually abused nor harassed me. It is with that courage, I pass this on to you.

The XX and the XY chromosomes? Have we got that down good yet? Then, why are we still wanting to screw family members, including under aged and seniors? Is not there enough non-family members to go around,,,more than enough? When we become sexually active why don't we teach our children what needs to be done? Having sex and all the stuff you see monkeys doing with family members is not in the best interest of our families???

Read why. We will help you find the right partner to do all those kind of things with. You can love me, but do not sex me. Why spoil them before they ever get a chance to spoil themselves?

Biblical characters and stories can be used to justify this kind of behavior.

Reality: Sexual curiosity between family members is very common. Actuality: I have the sneaky suspicion that it is happening much much more than we care to admit and the cases we hear about are just the tip of the iceberg. What we call sexual perversion is a natural state of being for curious minds.

Too often we abstain from talking and using straight talk. Everything has to be sugar coated, distorting reality and truth required to resist.

We all make mistakes, but that does not mean we keep doing it. That does not make it okay. Having to keep a secret makes it even worse. Why are you hiding it? Everything is okay, but the minute sex enters the picture XXXX. X it! Think about it, just as you entertain thoughts of letting this pass? There will be other days. You cannot control your thoughts, but you can control your actions. That would be like asking; Is okay for Priests to screw young boys-Pedophiles. Is it okay for adults to screw babies? Is it okay to screw nursing home patients? It opens a door to another scary monster? Anybody can do it, but doing it does not take away the consequences.

You will be forced to live in the house of shame, which is where we are, now, how do you get out??? Will you ever leave home? Will you ever be able to have a normal sex life? How, when there is nothing better than your family members? Some care and some do not. Parents allow this to happen, so who am I to say you are wrong. Personally, I would rather see you walking around naked with a dripping sexual organ, than to tell or suggest to you that incest is an acceptable behavior. I am sure there are even some cultures in this world where incest is okay. Well, so is cannibalism - Eating people.

In reality you are okay, but in actuality you are not.Keep it in the family, don't hang your dirty laundry, so what do you tell?

Further, the second you take any action to make this act a reality; you become a sick minded criminal, MANIC DEPRESSIVE, bipolar person to be prescribed mind altering drugs. What was Adolph Hilter?

Though we are all apart of the big family, there are lines, limits, Do's and don'ts and above all,,,timing. I didn't make them, but violating them can be devastating to yourself, our society and culture.

Ignorance cannot be your excuse. Do you know the results of inbreeding, because there are plenty of us walking around? The rich and famous do this all the time. Do you want them, no matter the close related? In a way the closer we are related the more attractive.  Would you suggest this to everybody? The goodness of sex is a brain-mind thing. Stop thinking of just yourself and think for all concerned; Then, stop fucking around with your immediate family members. That is how you get Hitlers.

XX and XY?

(((Your inner voice)))

"how prevalent is incest in the Black Family"

A new era of responsibility!

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