How to Be Family!

To prove our brilliance, we write so many DIY articles on so many subjects but the most important element of life, is hard to find helpful information, why?

What is family? You already know, you can choose your friends, but you cannot choose your family members. Family is the smallest unit, the nucleus of every society.

Who? We have so many individual success stories but family success continue to diminish, how this be? The early sixties and before, in mass media there were plenty examples of "what we wanted" family to be and people liked them. There were tv shows like Leave to Beaver, Billy Hills Billies, Mayberry and on and on, but have been replaced by drama plagued, shoddy reality shows and such is our idea of life. These shows are so unrealistic, produce nothing of substance and stifles growth.

Today, Americans have so many divides, from religion to politics, so much so until most no longer understand why they divided in the first place?

Primarily, I hold women responsible for the demise of family today, because women have the greatest influence on man. Even when a man does not know he is wrong, there is a good woman to help him get back on track and vice versa. Women are so engrossed at making a life for themselves, they have all but abandoned the notion of raising their own children, making a family and keeping that family together and "white American women" are at the helm of this great self-destructive revolution. White women have historically felt they could force someone else to be responsible for their family duties. And somehow this has permeated the soul of American societies, so much so, until we literally hate each other.

We can find more reasons to hate than to coexist.

Lifestyle changes, such as eating out, child care, being independent, business savvy... has led to the greatest infiltration of domestic violence and abuse since the creation of all mankind.We are so far wrong that any little thing we can do to save one another is critical, while our fractured society dangles by threads.

Charities are in abundance, including churches, but the more we have, the more splintered our families, so much so, we have same-sex marriage. Nothing wrong with this, but you cannot create nor multiple with same-sex, so it seems to be counterproductive to future generations but it is a bold wake-up call. A society plagued by scams.

Our women are so secretive, with each one hiding behind a bush in order to trap the next, how can we survive like this? They are more about proving each other wrong, than proving each other right. Right and Wrong?

No family survives without good business sense and time is our most precious resource!

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!