The UNKNOWN ZONE and The KNOWN ZONE? Career opportunities and politics? A lifestyle with all the bells and whistles? Who will be the first to stand, blow the whistle and make necessary corrections?

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The UNKNOWN ZONE? Unethical behavior, Get Rich Quick Scams, Schemes and Miracle Cures have so confused us, we no longer know truths from lies. Rising inflation and cost of living adjustments are poor excuses for price hikes and pay increases. What good is any kind of pay increase when prices increase? Now costs are so high, no one can afford them. We have priced our economy and selves right off the charts. What happens if we keep going?

People Do Not Immediately Respond to True News, but they immediately and overwhelmingly respond to too good to be true news provided by crooks who setup fly-by-night operations featuring the same old bogus promises made to cheat people.

Who are these crooks and scam artists? These crooks are well disguised individuals in corporate America and Politics. Simply put, they are in position to influence economic planning to meet their own needs, consequently failing to meet the needs of the people.The greatest offenders fall victim on both sides of the fence. Victims and perpetrators are sucked in by shady but clever Con Artists peddling false promises of huge profits and miracle cures. Such efforts have existed until they totally destroyed the integrity of the American economy. They come in the form of career opportunities and politics. They told me how much profit I could make by entering into this career field. Scammers create illusions of legitimate offers too good to be true. To do that they use personalized notices, official-looking emblems and fancy deceptive grap, colors and wording. A SHOCKING NEW DEVELOPMENT, everything looks official. These are sophisticated, heartless and calculating techniques used to exploit consumers. They don’t always start out that way, but as it goes along, reality sets in.

Where are these crooks and scam artists? The most dangerous crooks are in places you least expect, churches, government and corporate America. These Con Artists are raking in billions and have a plan to fit everyone, the more irrational the promise, the more victims attracted and Mass Media is normally the chosen mode to promote and distribute -- mass marketed scams. Hell, can three million people be wrong, what about a poll?

Why do not people heed cease-and-desist orders to offenders and victims? People depend on some magical mystical beings like Big Business to protect and save them from such scams. Where is Legal Aid and the BBB when you need them? People want to believe such scams are not possible and everybody wants to get rich quick.

The KNOWN ZONE Most Americans are not bad, but our collective efforts are far too often, self-defeating. We already know what is going to happen if we keep going, but we think we can skirt around the issue. And those who cannot think are powerless and swept along with the flow. Just like with everything else you misuse and abuse, COLLASPE AND EXTINCTION are inevitable! Collapse of the bogus economy we now know and back to the basics where we refuse to go. Nature has a way of balancing itself and people will die until that balance is reached and proper action can be taken, just as we got here. Imagine how less stressful our lives would be if it were not for corporate America and Politics? Temptation is not easy to resist, it comes at a high cost and in every form known and unknown to man. True news is nothing new, not glamorous, profitable and no hype.

    Previous victims of scams are consistently more likely to fall victim again. So, if we got here being scammed, we are most likely to fall victim again.

  • Endorsement by big corporate firms, people tend to be unduly open to persuasion by others and less able to follow their gut instinct.

  • Victims too often keep quite about being scammed.

    Modern economic life is complicated and we have to use all sorts of short cuts and rules to navigate our way through. Scammers take advantage of these short cuts and rules.

Solution Develop more effective consumer awareness campaigns to help consumers recognize and resist scams. Effective consumer awareness campaigns use the same tactics to appeal to the same emotions rendering them just as empty and unbelievable as scams themselves. You get robbed from scams and nothing from Effective consumer awareness campaigns. $99,000 for one school bus?

Career opportunities and politics, someone has to be responsible and it falls directly in the hands of career opportunities, which include corporations and politics, which includes our government. And then, after repeat offensives, the people are just responsible for going along with bogus programs.

Somewhere between work and play, we the people just do not want to hear the truth nor face the harsh reality of simple living. We view the basics of life as something beneath us. Consumers must get back to basics and be content with living a simple but very prosperous life.

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