Money, Gotta Have it

How can I live without something so valuable, but I do not need?

We've done a fine job at cleverly equating family values to money values.

Damn car payments, home, food, clothing, transportation, utilities, healthcare, insurance, tools, toys, repairs... and they say, it takes money to make money? So from where do I get this money, why? What am I going to do?

My job is more cash strapped than me. Everywhere I go, it is all about the money. Everything human beings need, now comes at a unhealthy price. More people are hurt, harmed and killed over money than any other evil. All the pleasures "we say" money brings does not hold a candle to all the hardships money brings, yet we still say, "I need money"?

Living in a society  plagued by "make you believe it is money", the more money you have, the more money you think you need, all for a big fat ZERO. Material things do not bring you happiness.

Did the world always operate on cash? How did this thing called money, "I got to have but can never get enough",,, How did I become addicted this deadly material thing called money?

Do not worry, your perceived need for money is not "your problem. Your perceived need for money is a disease, passed on to you from our society, which has a serious addiction to money. We've made money the cure all for any and everything and now we are addicted to money.

This addiction has grown to epidemic proportions, destroying families, businesses, relationships, corrupting all in it path and we still refuse to recognize the devastating affects of this horrific addiction to finances, and despite all this, we actively encourage it.

They say money is used to control, to manage valuable resources, but how do you manage those who manage money? Checks and balances have been replaced by money power. We love our money more than our kids and equates raising a family based upon the amount of money earned, damn, damn, damn.

Though we know the way we use money is serious hazard to our health, nobody gives-a-damn due to the "immediate gratification"  money brings and now, we have a society totally dependent upon MONEY. For the love of money is the latest American dream.

Overspending, gambling, greed, blaming others, there are no greater perpetrators of the money problem than our GOVERNMENT and all its officials, corporate America and all her citizens, RELIGION and all its Saints, more and more expensive schools and its educators... and you can not tell us, "we are wrong" because we alledge "working for it".. Billions which was a term very seldom used is now a household word. Cronyism and Corruption

We have war on illegal drugs but nothing to properly manage our insatiable addiction to money, nothing to manage the exploitation of valuable life giving natural resources, for profit.

What am I going to do without money, "a better job, two jobs, bankruptcy, but it is not just that simple is it? Begging, borrowing, money angel, financial blessing, pray, lotto, gamble, scam, credit, invest, insurance... your last dollar will be used to bury you -damn".  The more you make the more you need plus, nobody likes anybody taking their money and your value system changes to money being its highest priority. Then you become consumed with collecting, managing it, defending it and  denying this all. Every time you look around you see nicer, better and got to have it and our society is intentionally designed this way.

Money is our greatest measure of success and our highest reward for success, wealth-- damn! We allege the more money you have the more shit you can buy, but deny the misery in this all. In a serious state of denial is where we are today and being so widespread this destructive behavior is acceptable and dare any man to say otherwise.

I'm no different from all others and fall victim to the same temptations of money but, thank God for the ability to realize this weakness and work towards this end.

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!