by Deborah Garrison
(Montgomery Al)

This story started out as one of great joy for me an my family;but now it is one of great sadness.In 1999 after a bout with pnemonia and broncitis, I was given 6 blood test to check my oxygen level an blood gases because I was considered pale for a person of color.

The test revealed that I had a form of Cancer called multiple myloma a form of bone cancer an lukemia, the myloma cells were dormant at the time but could become active at any time.I was refered to an oncologist a Cancer Doctor and the journey began.I went thru a number of test including a very painful bone marrow biosipy. I was dianoised on a Wed. and started chemo on that Friday. I had often sat an watched other patients an wondered if I could handle the being stuck with a needle to deliver a posion to my body that would kill the bad cells as well as the good cells.

My faith was tested and I passed the test. My family was very upset an my oldest son went into a deep depression. I stayed under treatment for 9 months and went into remission. A great day, but as I went thru these treatment I developed diabeties and high blood pressure. Another shocker. I had worked in the medical field for 20 years an thought I would be strong, since I had talked with people who had gone thru or were going thru cancer treatment. That old saying "Walk a Mile in my Shoes" became a part of my life. I watched people who were sicker than me an who I had become friends with die all around me.

Well my mother died in 2003 and a month later my son was shipped off to the war in Iraq, Needless to say I came out of remission and suffered a great setback. The stress was killing me. Again I stayed on Chemo for 9 months and went back into remission.Material things became athing of the past an trees grass and the sky with it's beautiful clouds became something I looked forward to seeing each an everyday gifts from God that we ignore. I lost a few friends gained some new one and began to life my life as a thankful child of God.The port in my chest in which I was admisiterd my Chemo Drugs became my Badge of courage;and Camp Blubird my Vacation Resort.(A camp for cancer patients an cancer survivors)

Well this year I went to the dentist for a simple extraction of a root tip from a crown an bridge appliance that had broken. This was in March. an since I worked in the dental field I knew how to attend the area post-op. I did all the right things but the area refused to heal.After about a month I mentioned it to my oncologist and he refered me to a maxo-facial dentist in another city 100 miles away. Well he took one look an said He knew what it was.......OSTEONECROSIS. My jaw dropped an the tears began. Here I am thinking I had been tru the worst part of my life an I was home free as they say, Well I am not, I am now suffering from a problem brought on by a med I took to heal the bones in my back an spine from the cancer...a side effect; But this one has no treatment and does not heal. The jaw bone in my mouth is dying from a medication called Zometa. My Life is now put on hold with a lot of pain. I have loss 45 pounds(something I have been trying to do since I stopped Cancer treatment.)because I can't eat right. I stay depressed, I have seen the results of others who I have this ,done the research and talked with the doctors extensively.

I won't qualify for dentures, because there will be no bone left to place them on. I can have no evasive operations done in my mouth because it will not heal. A side-effect has sidelined my life as I hoped and prayed that it would be. God is my Rock and My Salvation.

I am 56 years old with 3 Adult Children and 4 Grandchildren, A loving Church Family and Friends who I have known half my Life. Blessed is what I am. Drawing Backs be Damed. So watch for the Boulders of Life. Look at the Sky and the Grass and know that: Life is a Gift given for a short While".


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Oct 06, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hey Art & Shelia,
Thank you for your concern and prayers; as I walk in this journey called Life, I remember friends and Family who have passed own and the impact they have had on my life. I have learned a lot and miss them dearly, but I also know that God has a plan for all of his children. I am currently in a lot of pain but I also know that God gives us the strength to go on no matter how painful our bodies feel the course of our illnesses. I now have the ability to believe that sickness is a way for our faith to be tested, I believe that with all my heart an know that God has all power in HIS HANDS.
Love Yall,
Deb and know you are not alone. we all must go through. Keep your work and keep the faith..Art

Sep 25, 2010
I am with you
by: Anonymous

I too was diagnosed with Cancer on July 8th, I had the Alien removed last Wednesday and a byopsy of the lymph nodes, it has not spread but I know in my heart of hearts that I do have the agressive type of Breast Cancer so I am with you on your journey. I will start chemo soon but don't know if this will be enough. I am in God's tender hands, I know he will guide me as he will you.
We are Sisters in this awful disease but we are strong and will remain so. Blessing and love

Sep 23, 2010
multiple myeloma, leukemia, OSTEONECROSIS, diabetes and high blood pressure, The stress
by: Art

I THOUGHT I WAS HOME FREE!!! "Walk a Mile in my Shoes", the tears, pain and deep depression.

Sometimes I do not know what to do nor say. It is in those times I must be still and pray for help and healing.

Deb, you have been the greatest inspiration for me. Over the years, you have talked me through so many personal problems and the Lord knows, I have many. Now, there is yet another trial and tribulation to bare. And just like the ones before, I am going to keep on going until I cannot go any more. Though I may feel they are too much for me to bare, I know I am being prepared for even greater responsibilities. Help me Lord, I know I am not alone.

Though my body and mind is battered and bruised, my spirit is healthier than ever. It is in that spirit I must dwell. Deb, thank you for sharing and you are so courageous, I wished I had a tenth of your courage. My faith is what I look forward to and my spirit will take me there. By His stripes I am healed. There is no cure, but there is healing.

I love you Deb,,,Art (((your inner voice.com)))

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