Just doing my job!

Do you really know what "making a living" means? The question is, "Is it my job to make your life miserable by punishing you for my own inadequacies".

I can't manage making a living, so I see it more profitable to go out and get a job, just because everyone else with a job seem to be more profitable. Even I see life evils encroaching on everyone around me, I see myself as a shining example of what life could be if you had a job like me, so am inclined to believe you deserve the unfortunate hand you're dealt.

Each day I would rather choosing taking the risk of walking the tightrope, to avoid serving anyone who does not behave or look like me? Then, I embrace the idea of putting even more restrains on an already down-trodden fellow human being. Under the guise of saving lives, what drug will I now prescribe?

Just doing my job has evolved the ultimate excuse when all others have failed. Don't you know this is less credible than all others, therefore will fail too? The significant increase of disease and disaster, pain and suffering of my fellow man yields me greater job security, arrogance, fear of facing the absolute most difficult sin to define and credit as a sin: sloth.

Just doing my job is a poor excuse for one human being screwing over another. When you hear someone say this, you already know they are not responsible, but want you to think their being loyal to their cause. Why must you be  paid to do your job? Do you really know what making a living means?

The time and pressure we impose on living life are very unnecessary, a serious health hazard, mind-boggling and very unproductive, in a life, as short as a lifetime. Why would I lend you money to build and/or remodel a home, more lavish or so lavish, so egotistical... just because you think you are entitled, deserve, earned, can afford? Where do we draw our on lines, to common sense?

Watching idly as the life in front of you spiral out of control, yet compelled to believe this is the way it should be, this is the right way, the is the best way... do you realize we only have one life and we are to make the best of the "time" we spend here? How devastating our selfish-footprint has smothered the life from every living creature upon this earth, yet those who can do the most turn to do the most harm,,,just doing their jobs? 

Just doing my job removes all ability to think, reason and make decisions from the formula of thinking. It is a selfish act, good for the perpetrator but bad for all others concerned. Just doing my job implies, "one is not capable of above and beyond" but just doing enough to get by. Make America Think Again and assume responsibility of doing what you know you should, without having to being paid, but because you know it is critical to our survival as a decent human being.

It is amazing how we want above and beyond but settle for stupidity.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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