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Alcoholism is not a disease but. - wise man

How can you expect things to change when you keep doing the SOS?

Alcoholism is not a disease, but an addiction. It's was used to subdue, wipe out a whole race of people. It was used to wipe out the indigenous people of this country and almost did. Alcohol was the drug of choice. Now, it is being used to wipe out those who introduced it. Is it really that addictive or am I really that stupid? How, who introduced it?

Well, it wasn't a problem until the problem came.

Alcohol or the abuse of alcohol, just like the abuse of anything else, is an Excuse for being a Stupid-a-holic. Your disease tells you to do that, to blame that. But not understanding this will lead to another negative addiction. If you are lonely, nothing is going to change until you fulfill that, with the right people.

You say, Be yourself, Know thy self?

You know how we do stupid shit? Do you know all the things we try, just to better survive - food, clothing, drugs, shopping, fossil fuels, the list is endless because we keep coming up with new shit for new excuses. We try all kinds of diets, Vegen, Vegetarian.

We've tried so many things, we don't even know where to start anymore. So which one of us is better than the other?

Do you really realize how much work and effort it is to keep a relationship going? Do you ever give up on your kids and I thank you for not giving up on me.

Do you think I know better? Do you really know how stupid I am? How many stupid things must one do before being considered stupid?

Is Jim Crow stupid? What about an inferiority complex? Are you really superior to me? Smarter, Wiser? Because you can afford to run for President what does that mean? Bushes or Cain 999?

How many excuses to we need to excuse our stupid-a-holism? You give up one addiction for another. Are we a greedy people? Why are we fighting so many wars, has the battle been won?

Replace one addiction with a better choice.

So where exactly are the wise men today?

Do you know what the white and blue disc above represent? The white if for my first day of admission and the blue represents 12 months of being stupid-free!


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