"Playing" the lottery

Lottery, what’s with this great American Phenomenon? Does lottery produce winners as they claim?

Boy, i like winning just as much as the next guy, be it poker, lottery, writing but there's something inside telling me these kind of venture are no good for me. I'm sure it is the same with you for my kind of adventures.

Remember when??? Today millions of Americans, old, young and from all walks of life, participate in what used to be taboo, why? They hold up and stand in long lines, figuring, thinking, praying and paying for what is least likely to happen. How does a man get enjoyment out of these kind of odds, accept the collectors?

Why are so many Americans pouring their hard earned bucks into something with so little return as lottery? I mean you can't even see the shit, you'll have depend on someone else to tell you what numbers they programmed to fall. People do win, but even after winning, most winners fair worse in the long run. So, what is the incentive to win temporary success?

Is it the same as having an expensive toy? Is it a better way of beating college, parenting...?

Some say, i manage my money better, others would say they share it but none of this overrides the facts. Lottery seems like a good game for people with too much money, but for poor people is this their hope? Is hope even a possibility in lottery? Is it a possibility in our current state of affairs? you punish me for skipping school to play lottery but use lottery to fund schools??? Do you know how many Americans put everything aside to play lottery, now figure in cell phones, computers?

If lottery is so helpful why don't we include it in education? I don't condemn any of this, but would like to understand the profit in such a gamble? I know life is a gamble but shouldn't we take the road of least resistance? Why take the road causing more problems? Where is the problem solving rationale?

Most people want their product or service immediately after paying but not lottery players, but they say they come a lot faster than an employer, but if you didn't have a job....

Is school any better than lottery and is lottery any better than church? Why dish school and embrace lottery, what is the education in playing lottery? How does this help our future?

Two wrongs don't make a right. As we sit here needing more money, getting deeper and deeper in debt, would it be better to invest in self vs. playing the lottery? What do you have when you don't have money and you've spent all this time trying to hit. Someone would have to wake you up from the movie wouldn't they? I also see something like priorities and prioritizing to be rid of my money problems,,, not to get more of them.

I would do not appreciate my taxes going towards lottery and do not appreciate the United States for investing in it. Should a hungry man win lottery? We balk about selling food stamps, like government money doesn't include lottery money and lottery money doesn't include government money. Isn't there a better way for all concerned?

Is it known that lottery winnings create more money problems than working for what you want. Even if you do beat the odds  you still lose in the long run. I like the lottery idea but can't bring myself to pay for this crazy monster. Now, if a winner shares, I wouldn't... but it is just not for me.

I see it the same as investing in the stock market, personally, I don't know anyone who has prospered but know plenty who have lost their asses. The shit is too obvious, too easy to play and too hard to win.

Lottery curse and blessing

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!