Lottery Winnings

A Blessing and A Curse

After experiencing the misfortunes of a family member lottery winner and Recent headlines 2008, I have learned, to avoid certain pitfalls, it is best to prepare yourself, as much as possible.

I am inspired to share this:

Lottery winner's death from stab wounds, coroner says.

Lottery winner gained widespread attention after winning $5 million on 41st birthday and dead on 42nd birthday.

Winning the Lottery, Curse or a Blessing

Lotto Winner Wishes He'd Torn Up Ticket

Huge jackpot a deadly curse for ex-couple

For some, lottery winnings bring only misery and regret.

The sudden influx of cash can lead down a dark road of drugs, bankruptcy, robberies, serious legal issues and even death.

Lottery winnings, you think, makes problems go away. You seldom think about new problems arising. Winning could be your worst nightmare. Many cases occur due to stupidity and overall lack of preparedness. A fool and his money are soon parted.

I liked what this person had to say.

    The best way to claim a winning lottery ticket

    --the great adamino

  1. do not tell anyone.

  2. hire a lawyer and not just any lawyer a good one.

  3. have your lawyer set up a blind trust this way no one knows who you are.

  4. take the lump sum it will be worth it after the interest kicks in.

  5. don't be stupid remember this has to last forever so put it in a profit shareing company. you have never had this much money, so you probably dont know what to do with it.

  6. move and when i say move i mean at least 5 hours from were you are. people you know will not bother you if they dont know were you are.

  7. don't brag if you dont want people to kill you for the money, don't tell them.

  8. dont be stupid, you dont need a 7 million dollar home or 5 cars. you can live very nice with out spending all of your money. remember most banks offer an interst rate of 6%. 6% of a million is 60,000 dollars so if you win 8-9 million, imagine what the interst will be, around 400,000. so, dont spend more than you have coming in. in a nut shell, you have to be pretty stupid to spend all your money. i haven't and i am very happy with my life.--the great adamino

I am sure there are many good stories out there, but those go without saying. The souls that need saving can benefit from these lessons learned.

Curse of the Lottery Winners

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