The Truth

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Who wants to hear that shit? What makes things true?

This is the 4th and final step to letting go.Truth is what we seek.

Truth is what is true in your mind. How do you think we got the Hitlers, Jim Jones.... of the world. You must be careful about whom you follow.

Am I getting paid? Is it because I am not telling the truth? Must I ask for payment or donations when I am telling the truth? Is the truth my strength or is it my weakness?

From my standpoint the end is justification of the means. We have come to a point we are not comfortable, so we must have done some things which we were not comfortable. The Truth has to be one of them. So if what we were telling was lies, what are we going to do?

Who wants to hear the truth, who wants to face the truth, who wants the truth thrown back in their face? Why do you even look in the mirror and when you do, do you see the wickedness of your ways or do you just see the image you want to see? How do you live with the truth? Why tell the truth? When I hear the truth what responsibilty do I have?

If we are living in and with the truth, why cannot we trust each other? Is it better to live a life of lies? Not everyone who claims to teach the truth really does.

Why? Truth is the only thing people do not believe.

Help my unbelief, truth is what I seek. Where do I find it? Anything other than truth is ugly.

Who can you trust for the truth?

Like a bad habit, we know the truth, but we have conditioned ourselves to think otherwise; to ignore the truth or to disguise it. Spring the trap! How does the future look?

Really, where is my heart? Am I telling the truth? Will it set me free? Will it encourage others? Knowing what I know, will my sharing help? The past is the truth and in the past we painted ourselves as prosperous, and again will our present be our future? Are we proven liars? Does that mean we are less free? Less prosperous? Less courageous? Not living our best lives? The change!

Is the truth my weakness or is the truth my strength? If I am not strong, then what am I? Throughout our history, People have led the way, will you? By now, we should know the good, the bad and the ugly?

Call no man your master, rabbi or teacher. You have no need for any man to teach you. So, why do you look to men for answers you already know?

Living the truth helps those around us come to the Truth. The truth in any other form is a lie and one lie leads to the next.

To hear the truth, you must be willing to listen. To see the truth, you must be willing to face reality. To feel the truth, first you must be open and honest with yourself. The truth comes in many forms, most of which you will not like.

People constantly misunderstand each other. Man's language, therefore, cannot easily define truth. It must be understood within the heart, heard with spiritual ears listening to the spirit.

Truth has nothing to do with what you think or believe, but all to do with what you do.

"Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't."--Mark Twain

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Never trust anything in yourself or anyone.

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