How Does the Mind Work

Commonly referred to as the heart, the soul, the spirit..Is it simple or is it complicated? What good is a complicated mind? 

We work a lot of things in life, but what about The Mind? Are we taught to think? If we're not taught to think, then what are you being taught? Mind Control - Your Inner Voice 

Do we listen to "words" as well as we do music?

In today's society, mind control, mental dominance, group mind, influence and persuasion are the weapons of choice.

What shape was the earth before we learned it was "flat"? In what spirit do you operate and how do you maintain that? What if we had to start from scratch?

There’s the mind and then there’s the brain. The mind thinks and is the thought process that keeps us safe and secure, true to ourselves. And it all works to our advantage otherwise it would be fruitless to have a mind. It's not near as complicated as we make it and tells us to keep it simple.  

The brain is the organ by which the thinking process is carried out, making us the unique individuals we’re supposed to be. If it didn't already exist, we could not use it. 

It is in the brain where our thought process can be distracted and influenced by our senses. However, the thinking process has been substituted, some might say “enhanced” with man made tools to keep us honest.  So what is the difference between thinking and guessing?

We've twisted our thoughts in order to make a dollar and now, our thoughts work against us and when our thoughts work against us, our brain is working against us. The end result being chaos and confusion and everything we do is for NOTHING. What sense does that make?

Somehow man has concluded that man is dishonest, not accurate, too prone to err in his own selfish ways therefore needs a mechanical tool to maintain his integrity, which precludes him from thinking. For what do you need a brain when you’re being judged based upon the result of a machine?

Nearly every aspect of our lives has been what we would like to refer to as “automated” and we are amazed by our creativity which is dim in comparison to the simplest thing produced by nature. Now, we're so engrossed in our own little world, we fail to see the greater work, right there in our faces. Nature is so much greater than what we create and consider amazing. 

We've turned our backs on the greatest creator, the greatest healer in exchange for our own creations and glory. Everything we do, we think new, but think of all the people who came before us and did more? Think on all the planets you don't see? How could we be so arrogant as to think we're the first and only? The question is, from where did we get it? 

Based upon what’s happening today, it appears about 1% of our brain power went into what we do and most of that was in an effort to get out of what we’re supposed to do. The information-processing and control system for human beings, how does it work?

No longer does a doctor ask you about how you're feeling, to better help him diagnose your ailment, but relies on a machine to tell him what you have  based upon test results. In this case the doctor has minimized his liabilities for thinking while capitalizing on his ability to profit, by using very sophisticated automation.

Now we have all this automation, the question is, “why are we still getting worse”? How do we have more, yet considerably less availability? We have more security yet considerably less open doors? What good is improved security when you’re becoming less secure than before you ever started? What kind of sense does that make?

 Who are you or are you just following the crowd?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!