A Clear Vision for America

Art's vision for America

Yesterday, I had a 20/20 type clear vision for America and here it is.

How is your vision for America? Have you had an opportunity to debate lately. I had the opportunity to share my vision and my "Common Sense Solutions" for America. While "all of us" would be better than all the Presidential Candidates, the differences between "them" and “us” could not be further apart and I believe “we the people” are the best one and way to take on the President.

Don’t they need our help, or is it just our financial support? Why do they want us to help them beat someone and when roles are reversed, “Well Mr. Thomas, “we” did all we could do”.

Man, what about “justice for all? I hope you will make a donation today.

They talked about focusing on jobs, WHAT JOBS? Congress passed a $1 trillion stimulus-spending bill that was supposed to keep unemployment under 8% and now it failed, WHO DO THEY BLAME? Unemployment is still hovering around 9% and 14 million people are without work. Our stimulus-spending bill did add to our mounting national debt...a burden we will leave for our children and grand children.

Will the economy recover by next summer? Wasn’t last summer, "recovery summer", was that not good enough? The stories I hear and traveling the country, tell me a different story. Hours have been cut...salaries and wages reduced...rising food and gas prices...people are concerned. And, these candidates has no plan and has shown no leadership and all they can do is promise another dead end job and there are no signs these promised jobs can become a reality?

Will you keep your donations of $5, $10, $15 until they demonstrate otherwise.. today? Jump-start this economy by putting "them" to work.

Real leaders have skills because they think, have a vision and a plan! How much is this worth to you?

Can you share it, will you? Do we all really want to be on the same sheet of music? Do we really want to work in harmony? So why didn't you consult with me about my vision? How can we deconflict plans?

(((your inner voice.com)))

Here is my plan!

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