My Sworn Enemy

He is really not my sworn enemy but a person who has sworn me to be his enemy. You know White Americans really respect police,,,that's how this country was taken wasn't it? They really embrace military and that is how this country was taken wasn't it? They love guns, weapons of mass destruction and at the same time, they enjoy buying and selling you shit you do not need and calling it business. Well, they are obsessed with being in control and will neutralize any people they deem their enemy. Do Black Americans have any enemies, should they and if so, who, what, where, why, when, how?

Why don't your enemy see himself as your enemy, why does he want you to think he's the best thing you ever had and will pay you for this?

Sometimes I sit back and think, I imagine people today, who deem themselves so socially and politically correct, where were they a fews years back? How do you change so quickly from kicking a motherfucker's ass to kissing it? At sixty years of age, those who hated me then, still hate me now, so where are these Americans who live so honestly? Wtf is an honest living in America, is it with niggers or without? Why are East Indians more trusted than Russians and really, I don't know either but East Indians seem to be much more offended by my presence than any Russian I've ever met. The holy motherfuckers, with the dot between their eyes, immigrants to the country for which I defended, was raised and looked forward to a nice retirement, done sneaked in here and took my cheese, cake and ice cream and guess what, they don't eat either one.

To whom is your loyalty? How does your God accept your justification for violence and abuse? How does your God accept you refusing to help your neighbor in need, both domestic and foreign? Why are the leaders of our great country so willing to take up arms against anyone not as wicked as them? How is beating up someone less fortunate than  you justice? We'd be a fool to jump on someone we knew would kick our ass, so what does this make us,,,cowards.

As I trained for war, there were briefings where they described the enemy, dress, demeanor, habits, color, hair, likes, dislikes, what he drove, when, where, why... and they told me to go there and guard certain locations and guess what,,,,I ain't never asked why???

I thought of it, especially after being deployed but "my why" didn't matter as much as theirs? Then on the other hand they could label and punish me for even "not wanting to participate" but what could I do for them? I am afraid of me and my question to you is why are you so satisfied in these wicked ways? What is it when people are pressured into conforming? Now, it is alright for them to buy and sell, but you, you need approvals from low to highest levels.

Where should I get a weapon of mass destruction and sell it to Americans or other potential buyers? Why would anyone want to purchase one anyway? There is your answer! Where should I get all the vices and sell them to Americans? The war on drugs, are our leaders getting paid from both sides?: What would you consider me if you discovered me doing that? As obvious as this shit is, i am supposed to be too dumb, too sophisticated, too "shut the fuck up and do your job". And they are not playing.

I don't know what Syrians did  but the deaths of more than 250 civilians, innocent women, men, children, seniors, handicapped, samesex, law abiding, people within a 30 day period and 4.9 million fleeing ,,, shouldn't this be a matter of great concern or should I care? Ain't none of my business, huh? And you tell me how to live, where is the living in this? Where's honor and all these other humanitarian operations in America and this shit didn't just start to happen. We have a long and violent history of being "repeat offenders". If this is happening to them wtf are you doing to me? As a matter of fact this kind of abuse and violence is directed against me and my people and we are still enduring. However, instead of fleeing, we've turned on each to gain favor of those sworn against us? We turn a blind eye, because it is just not socially nor politically correct for one of my kind to challenge the system. I ain't supposed to have these kinds of feelings.

How are repeated incidents of this type of destructive behavior being trustworthy, responsible, compassionate, mature, peaceful, Christian like...? and am I going to just sit back and let you screw me in the ass, saying "I love it, do it some more, they deserve it..."? The same screwing my parents warned me of, taught me how to avoid their dirty low down tricks,,, I don't know about you but my parents taught me to stand for my own thinking and not to just blindly follow. Every time I tried to just followed the crowd, i ended up like Bill Cosby.

Just this morning, numerous young black men were labeled, arrested, busted, jailed, small town mentality for selling the exact same product brought into this country by a wealthy White Americans. Even sirens are blaring as I type and guess which neighbor they are headed? But this is not happening to you, right? In one of the smallest, most peaceful, educated, black communities, yes, flooded with drugs, weapons, all purchased with profits of wealthy White Americans, it's okay for them but criminal for you? I ain't never understood why "anybody" would ever want to sell good or bad drugs? Just the fact or thought of buying and selling them is an unnecessary temptation to evil.

Good or bad is not a drug, but the reason for taking them determines the abuse. Is meditation a drug? Do you ever meditate on the shit you do? What about the shit "we" do? What about the feelings of those we did it to? Do you think it's helpful or harmful and if you don't know, why don't you ask somebody who does? Lean not unto your own understanding.

I hate me

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!