Rattling your own Chain

It's a dangerous world out here, how so?

It ain't about me but what I can do to help others.

To accomplish this great feat, I must first learn best how to help myself. There's a certain amount of discipline required to avoid violent confrontation with others and if we all apply this discipline, we all can better survive.

The trick is when one of us turns on the other. A carnivore is an animal who primarily eats meat. The danger in being a carnivore is it will often eat its own and vegetarians. Now, a vegetarian will consume its on too, but is most unlikely to eat meat or a carnivore.

How do you increase the chances of not being eaten by  your own? How do you avoid "being on" the dinner table?

If you rattle your chain too much you will receive too much attention, if you do not rattle it enough you won't be able to find food for yourself.

There's safety in the herd, but what herd are you in? Alone you're more apt to be preyed upon. In a group you're more apt to be conspired against. 

So, where is my comforter, how do I prevail without being prevailed over? Two must become one. You have been taught all things and all things have been put into place; all you must do is Remember and for that is the purpose of your inner voice ?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!