"Secret Attackers"

by Iesha L. Burch
(Albany, GA, USA)

Have you ever experienced being attacked and nobody understands the situation but you?

I have experienced this before and it is not something I am very fond of. I am now going through this with a good friend of mine and it pains me to see her in this state of distress. She asked me just the other day what I thought about her situation on being secretly attacked.

Knowing I have dealt with this type of CHILDISH behavior, I decided to give my good friend some insight on what I went through and what I thought she should do. I started out by asking her one question: Is the attacker trying to masked themselves as the victim? She said yes, I then began telling her about the difficult time I went through in “HIGH SCHOOL” where my ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend tried to ruin me secretly by putting on a show in front of the public eye to make it seem like I was the CULPRIT.

How I define a secret attacker is simple; this person can be man or woman and has a strong sense of jealously about a person. It could be over something so petty as a house or car or in my case, as well as many others, a relationship.

A secret attacker will basically throw the FIRST rock and HIDE their hand and when they are CONFRONTED by their victim they try their HARDEST to make it seem as if they have done no wrong at all.

So I say if you experience this type of behavior or find yourself in this gruesome situation, the best advice I can give you is to just PRAY for these type of people. They do not have anything in life, and I do not mean materialistic but spiritually, and they are trying to get what you have.

So take this as you may and I hope the right people are reading this and LEARN something from it. NEVER underestimate a person’s intelligence. As the wise saying goes, “Own up to everything you do whether it is right or wrong” you never know who is watching and peeping game.

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Jun 16, 2012
Secret attack3
by: Art

What happens when you are late paying a bill? Is your credit score a good test of character? Then why are we in a financial crisis? How does the price of gas fluctuate from “day to day”? How do we even keep up with our own changes?

Do we have any reasonably humane method of debt collecting or will we come and take your shit? What can you do? We care less about your circumstance and will attack and kill you over a debt, even though we take what we want. Must you take what you want or will we be fair about the situation? Look at our alarming crime rate, do you think we care or is there’s nothing we can do? We can tell you how to get out and stay out of debt, but we cannot do it?About what are we most concerned – money? And our do nothing attitude has allowed that mentality to consume us - denial. Then, when we do get a dollar or two, what do we do -phony? What kind of a statement does your car make for you? Is it true or is it false? For an item considered a luxury, why does it demand so much money? Are we making them better or worse? Are we making them to last or to feed corporate greed?

Mentality, the more expensive it is, the better it is for you, therefore prices skyrocket and all the doom and gloom that goes with depression kicks in -denial? Based on how advance we claim to be, do you know how hard it is to lead a good wholesome life in America? We want to be healthy, but we overdo everything.

Jun 16, 2012
secret attack 2
by: Art

We find it quite difficult to be nice, just for the sake of being nice. Why do you think we have so many churches? By shear numbers along, that will tell you, we, especially Americans, and in particular, my race,,, we have so serious spiritual problems. Even crazier, we’re in a serious state of denial. We don’t have any racial problems, just to keep being a racist all the time. I think Margrett Wallace said it best, a person does realize their wrong, until they, themselves admit to themselves, they are wrong? And let’s not use the word wrong, but made a mistake. What’s wrong with admitting we’re wrong? The right to bare arms, we cannot be true to ourselves. Do you realize how much time we spend trying to be something we’re not, never can be or will be? If you knew all of this, then you could be properly prepared. Being you don’t, the stress factor goes off the grid – fierce competition.

Have you noticed, we are never wrong? Well, from that, comes our mentality? Then, there’s the monkey see, monkey do. We can’t do shit on our own? What would we do without bathrooms or just plain old toilets. Are we getting better or lazier? Do we spend more time an effort getting out of work or doing our jobs, and we think that is how you get the job done. What profits a lazy man? People who are not able to admit they are wrong will always have a reason to attack.

Doing our jobs is another issue? IF we really did it, we wouldn’t have a lot of these other issues. Theft, identity theft, slavery, women and children abuse, domestic violence, police intimidation and brutality, for some reason, we’ve learned “phony is best”. It is just not politically or socially to be true to yourself. Though they do not want a ticket, they’re very eager to give you one. They really do not want you to see how weak they really are. The more power you think you have, the insecure you really are. People who perceive themselves more powerful must push their weight around to support their distorted ego. Consequently, instead of getting peace and harmony, we manifest more violence, chaos and confusion, which leads to panic. What will we do about treating each other? Will we be more divided?

Jun 16, 2012
Secret attacks
by: Art

How can the comment be longer than the article? Secret attacks are no secret. That's how we came to be who we are. Who can you help, how can you help them by lying?

Not isolated incidents. They attack you, especially your character to make themselves look better, at least so they think. Sad but true, it’s part of our arrogant ass culture and ways. We are pitted against each other and it shows reveals its ugly head most often at home. The fear of what is most likely to happen if we make a mistake?

Does it need to be that way in a number one country? So what makes us number one? Is it our ability to help others, while destroying self? What makes us superior to any other people, then why do we have that attitude? How can you ever embrace another with that attitude? Why look down on anybody?

So how, why do we have greater expectations of others, than we do ourselves? Why didn’t they tell you your jobs were going overseas and overseas was coming here to take the rest? Why didn’t they tell you that based on current trends, the jobs you ‘re being trained for today, will not be here tomorrow? So what people suffer the brunt of these decisions?

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