The problem with polygamy is not what we say or think, why not?

This is not just for my own benefit but what I see and experience.

When was the last time you saw a good, so called monogamous relationship, one you would like to emulate, strive to equal or excel? 

Women are obsessed with the idea of nailing men to the cross, for being desirous of other women, however it is okay for same-sex marriage??? It is okay to attempt genocide against fellow human beings, it is okay for slavery, it is okay for wars, abortion, birth control, racism... or is it to stick with your own kind. Women kill me with their bullshit, of portraying themselves as helpless victims and using this as leverage to get what they want.

Just like with any other people or atrocity, you didn't have to be a second class citizen and some died trying, so what remains? For the longest time women have used their gender to avoid responsibility for any of the atrocities committed, but yet want to demand equal rights and access to the spoils. They put themselves above and ahead of all victims of conspiracies conspired while lying in bed with the conspirator. How did you deceive yourself and how do you avoid it?

We didn't, and the concern and deceit of this whole process is what goes on behind closed doors, we hide and only expose that which we would like the public to "think" they see. Here again we deceive ourselves, why, i guess for profit, because in reality our relationships with each other are more strained.

These more strained relationships are proven so, by our experiences today, in same-sex, racism, gender problems, domestic violence and abuse,,, all of which we are in a serious state of denial.]

One very prominent lady is proceeding against polygamy and polygamous because she says, favoritism is a problem. One man cannot love and does not love all his wives the same and this makes polygamy evil. Then, there is the regular stuff like greed, disease, double standards ...

However, polygamy has existed well longer than being monogamy. And the way we live life make being monogamous even more remote. What do we do with all the survivors of war, genocide and crime? All of which is self-imposed? Do we just deny them companionship, multi-partners and expect them to live like they deserve to be shorted?

Many people are born short the ability to live on their own, so why deny these people the opportunity to join other couples?

Our notion of monogamy means denying those in need, the ability to join other couples in their quest for happiness.

Our definition of monogamy is so hypocritical and selfish, it contributes to the death of any relationship. It supports prostitution, violence and abuse but even denies this. It contradicts universal laws of helping and makes sex look like something abnormal.

Monogamy cannot be adhered to, even if only for divorce by natural causes. Many have gone to their death beds with the same lie and there are no survivors desirous of being emulated. 

(((your inner


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YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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