My plan vs. The Plan that already is?

Sometimes you have to think about that? What's in it for can I get what they got???

The Sun, the Moon and the Stars, don't look like much does it?

You see them everyday, how elementary, huh? Primal, the number of days we take them for granted? The number of nights and how plentiful they are. All the more important stuff we have to do, is way more important, just don't have time, just ,,,,well, we've just got too many other things to do????

The infinite power to keep everything on Earth moving, I'm about to conclude they are the most important miracles that happen in our lives everyday, but we have to catch them while doing other things, when it should be the other way around, don't you think? Just some of the "small things", lesser important to what we're doing, so we want you to think? 

Says something about priorities if you're wondering about "your" plans? Now, whose plans are they really and whose going to benefit? Do I have this all backwards? Am I getting farther off plan or further on plan? Which plan? Why would you spend so much time and effort working somebody else's plan, more than you do your own plan? What's the backup plan? Do we even have enough time to plan any damn thing, other than how to take from our fellow man and calling it "giving"? why take the food just to sell it back, isn't that being a bit fanatical, well over the edge, insane? Harvesting what was already given, taking it and selling it back to you, in a lesser quality and calling this progress???

The importance we put on planning, are we anywhere near to where we want to be? Do we know where we ought to be and what we really ought to be doing? Do you think the shit we're actually doing was ever in "a plan"? What's your plans?

So, why don't they look like much, compared to what we have to do? The things that makes it all possible, yet not considered as important as the things we want to do? The desire to go farther faster, do you think we can go faster than what has already been planned? Is that why we don't have time today and getting less and less of it? Stop for minute, the number of people who so seldom look up, always walking around looking for something in the ground? Is it between the pages, in a paragraph? Don't you think he would be smarter than to leave such an important job upto us? Don't you think the man who planned it all already knew we weren't going to do right? Don't you give Him credit for being wise enough not to put it in a book or leave it to our interpretation? Have you forgotten "the natural course" of things? You can't order nothing because He knew you would abuse everything? And that is why we put so much on credit.

Then, when we find it,,, oh Lord a mercy. Can you imagine such a people? A people who gets more excited about their own bullshit, they don't have time to pay attention to the bullshit already provided? Isn't that double-trouble, reinventing the wheel, wasting time, being very unproductive, busy making shit way more complicated than it ever needs to be? Why further complicate shit? Why call it a plan?

Ever wonder why your plans don't work out? How little we know about what's really going on and how we confused what we want with what's already going on? How complicated is this?

What good is giving yourself less than, more complicated than what what you already have? If you take all our inventions, economic and social plans, technological advances, lump them all together they wouldn't even equal a pixel, nowhere near the size of the smallest star in the sky,,, much less the sun or moon. So why do we put so much credit on what we do? Why, how is what we do compared to what has already been done?

Do we compliment Mother Nature, do you think Mother Nature, God, The Most High wanted us to even have all these roads we've built and keep on building? What are we doing to Mother Nature, does She even exist or do we treat her like we do the Sun, The Moon, The Stars? We want credit but just how much credit do we give and do we have our priorities anything like straight?

What good does it do for me to make a plan to join a plan destroying every damn thing? What kind of plan would that be? How many more roads to nowhere, exploiting valuable people, land and resources "just to go nowhere in a hurry"? Do you really think we're going to go farther or further than God ever intended? Do you think we are going to exceed his expectations or piss him off? Which are we best at?

Is it for me to be President of the United States, would it? Did He mean for me to own anything? What does ownership do to sharing? We have some real smart mother fuckers and we have some really dumb mother fuckers? Those two just don't go together, I don't care how you match them. It has nothing to do with money, but all to do with smart and stupid, and the effort we spend trying to merge the two.

Smart people cause you believe it's all about the money and they have figured this shit all out. Just look at the amount of money we spend learning to speak English, now compare this to the results? Do we enjoy walking around "hitting ourselves in the head with a baseball bat"? Do you think either of us, any one of us is getting a better shake out of life? Do you think the oppressor has an advantage over the oppressed? Then, why doesn't it work the other way around? Their problem is an "our" problem and our problem is a "your" problem. Why cant or don't poor folk cause rich folk to believe they have something rich folk can't do without?

And when we do figure this "mind game" all out, what do we do? The plan, the sun, the moon and the stars and now we're looking for "clean energy"? Did we ever consider this part of our plan?

(((your inner


Planned Neglect

Planning for Success!

King Leopold II to the Missionaries in 1883 "

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!