The World of TIME

In which world are you the most CARELESS?

JOb, church, family, friends, is this how you're suppose to spend your very valuable quality time? So where is the time going?

We ain't even "good hypocrites" are we? All that shit about God being the head of my life... think about that. On and on about how truly blessed you are... what are you trying to prove, to who?

The world of TIME is another energy, another door. It makes sure we do not clash, if we allow it to work. But trying to over-stay your welcome is throwing us out of synchroniation. Nothing is happening with the world, it's only with us, who are not open enough to understand. We're busy trying to get what the other person has, we don't take time to properly explore what right there in front of us. Wasting time

The fact we're finding ourselves having less and less of one of the most valuable resources available to us, tells you we're on the wrong road.

We spend more energy trying to change time than we do living it. No matter what time it is, the same shit has to be done and it has to be done in an orderly fashion if your ass wants to survive. You do not decide this, it is already decided, just follow. It wouldn't do for you to know what time your ass was leaving here would it?

Time change everything. It's all about you, but timing is everything.

(((your inner

Existing In the world of Worlds

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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