I am going to throw this fucking clock away. I never have time. The more I watch it the less time I have.

It's all about YOU, but Timing is Everything! Why can't we make time go backwards or make more of it... we think we make everything else we need???

Time is like being shot at, by the time "you" here the shot, the bullet is already there.

How do you spend your time? How much time and effort do you put into it? Do you have time to waste? Do you even have time? When you do what you are not supposed to, do you think about what you are going to get?

What is time? Time is the fact that everything is constantly moving. The ability to tell time is often ignored due to our own movement. The question is are you moving in synchronization with time? Do we do anything any more according the it's season?

How do you tell time? Being where you are supposed to, doing what you are supposed, when you are supposed to. Only you know. That is why it is so important to check yourself often.

How fast is time moving? As slow as it may seem, time is moving faster than you can ever keep up. Time flies? Before you know it, this will be over with. Even with the fastest and most advance technology, we still have problems keeping up with time?

How much time do you have? No matter how many clocks or watches you have, you do not have time! Really, it looks like the more we do, the further behind we get?

Do you ever get ahead of the game? Of course not, you doing everything in your power to keep up. If you think you are ahead, just stop for a moment. The faster we think we are getting, the more mistakes we make, the slower we get, the more stress we are under, the more out of sync we are. Just keep going.

What about the natural processes or progression of things? The worse mistake you can make is to get out of sync with mother nature. When we fail to see the bigger picture, we fail to get as much done. You will not be prepared. I want it and I want it now!!! What's it?

Every little bit helps, so "it" is imperative we stay focused on your purpose. Like an ant that has lost her scent trail.

What do we stand to gain? Character, Character counts most! You've reached this recording in error, press this button, our menu hs changed but what about the quality of service provided? Are we abusing technology,like we abuse everything else?

The most Valuable Asset we have is time and what are we doing with it? Long lines!

I have a passion for helping others, just in my nature and because I want to be helped. My most important asset, I GIVE to you -- my time.

What good does it do to be all dressed up, ready to go, but your timing is off.

The first quality of being on time is so that we can be in time.

The biggest mistake in time is YOU not what YOU do not know and it is that way for not a season but a good reason.

(((your inner voice)))

Timing is everything but it is all about YOU.

What You Do Next?

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