Unseen Power - Words - The Truth

by B&SD

Just the facts, Ma'am!
The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!
And the truth shall set you free! Amen!
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

Have you ever met anyone that will say anything, no matter how hurtful, because they see it as the truth? Didn't your parents tell you to always speak the truth? I'm sure they did. But on the other hand, did they mean for you to be hurtful while doing it? One thing I was taught as a child was if you have nothing good to say, say nothing! We have another saying that describes people as they get older. We say they lost their filter, meaning they no longer consider another's feelings before speaking. If you have ever taken care of an elderly relative.....You Know!

Dealing with people that put you down can be a painful and hurtful experience. It is especially hurtful when you thought that person was a close friend. I'm not sure it's possible to go through life and not meet people like that so the best strategy is to learn how to deal with them. And the first thing to realize is that a happy, self confident, person does not put others down, in fact they do the very opposite and try to motivate you in a positive way. People's tirades against you will probably reveal to you just how unhappy and disillusioned and frustrated that person is with life, and that's their problem, not yours. Emotionally detaching from a person like this can be difficult but you need to refuse to become involved. That person wants you to feel badly about yourself. Don't give them that power.

In dealing with it, instead of sinking to their level, a kind response is much better. You can simply say things like "Thank you for your opinion." or "I understand." "That's very generous of you." Thank you, you may be right." By not adding fuel to the fire, in most instances the conversation will have ended.

With comments like these, it's a reminder to people how powerful their words are that they should be more aware of what they're saying. Words can be used for good or evil and people tend to forget how damaging their words can be against someone's self esteem. A person can't hurt you unless you allow it. It's your reaction to their words that's the most important. Take an honest look at yourself to see why that person believes that particular comment is true. It doesn't excuse their hurtful comments but maybe you can change how you are perceived. You could tell this person they offended you. Just say it calmly and wait for their response. They may not even realize that they're putting you down. This way you are letting them know you don't appreciate their comments.

No one likes to be criticized and to keep a healthy self esteem, you need to be able to withstand these constant messages about your value. Put downs are never pleasant to deal with but if you can use them to your advantage, then that's the best solution of all.

Put downs from friends are the most hurtful. Isn't there some unspoken rule that you can share all your deepest, darkest thoughts, the good, the bad, the ugly, & all the warts with your best friend and they will still love ya, always have your back, never betray you, and would take it to their grave? If there's not, there should be. I guess it's true, the only true secret is the one you don't share and never say anything you don't want repeated.

I wonder.

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