Affordability In the Market Place

What should you be starting right now?

Saving up for a Rainy Day, why? We're teaching our children lots of things, most of which is more, more and how to get even more, but what and where is the more they will be getting?

The Bottom line in the market place? Do you know anything about trends? Some will prosper during the hard times to come, if you can read the trends.

Affordability is the Bottom line and the Bottom line is here, today. But for those of us who adjust our lifestyles according to the bottom line, will be less likely to crash and better prepared to help ourselves and others…  “We will be – ahead of the game”. You know something is going on, but what, when, where…?

Why wait? There are some things you should wait on, for example labor costs will go down. Then, there are other things to implement ASAP and one of those is cutting back/saving/being more practical in spending than ever before. If the American government needs to cut back, how can it with a people who refuse to cut back?

Another lifestyle change to immediately implement is to learn how to make more with less, food, repairs, gardens… As Americans, we generate more trash than any other country, why? Just in food costs alone, we spend and throw away more money and food than any other country. There’s plenty of room for improvement there.

A car with a sticker price of $31,940, slightly more than the new vehicle average for the 2013 model year. American auto makers, since bailouts again are hitting Americans where it hurts most. Now, Americans just bailed U.S. auto makers and auto prices went down, as auto makers were desperate for sales. Now that sales are up, well guess what, So are auto prices! Is this how American auto makers show their appreciation? Should anyone?

Affordability has been a matter of growing concern for the auto industry in recent years as prices have continued to move upward. Even the most basic of today's cars are generally loaded with features once found on high-line models a few decades back - if they were available at all - such as air conditioning, power windows, airbags and electronic stability control, as well as digital infotainment systems. They also must meet ever tougher federal safety, emissions and mileage standards adding thousands to the typical new price tag.

Affordability in the marketplace is one reason why American families must cut back.

While the typical new purchases will likely nudge up this year, you're better off purchasing something more affordable and saving or investing the difference.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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