Turbulent Times

By appearance you will never know it, but the reality of it is, we are all going through seriously trying situations--daily trials. Then add the trials and tribulations of today's very turbulent times. And if you think you have got it bad, then, just look at the other person's hand. It will make your problems look like nothing.

Just that thought along would make us more tolerant of each other. Instead of looking down at a person ...help them up.

Don't fear, you must "give up something you already have in order to get something, to get to the next level". We practice getting, but we never practice "giving up something". That's why drug abuse is on the rise. We focus on things like that instead of the problems causing them--like inflation, predatory lending, fraud, waste and abuse, our pressure driven media... We constantly looking for and depending on magical cures. They are there, but all legal crap we must go through to get them is absurd. It keeps us torn between legal and what you think is good for you.

So the next time, someone does something stupid, think about it. Think had you taken some preventive action before hand, just may be a situation could have been avoided. Just think if everyone thought like that and took swift and aggressive action?

Turbulent times require drastic measures. No more room for stupid mistakes. Formerly, we have done some pretty stupid things, in the name of success. Now, we know! We must know! And together, we must "score a goal". To make good sound ethically moral decisions, Character Counts!

Remember, those who made it for us, this world does not belong to us, but to our children. All we do is for them. That is your inner voice, Listen to it and care for our fellow man.

your inner voice.

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