Desperate Times Drastic Measures

Being frank!

Harmony, a good band plays in harmony. How would they sound otherwise? Isn't it the same with people? Are we really working together?

Every little thing we do or fail to do, good or evil contributes to or take away from our global effort--hate, fear, racism...children...our future, that how we came to this recession, these very turbulent times.

Being frank, I will be quite frank with you, to make ends meet, I had to become desperate. Being frank was an asset to Abramham Lincoln in keeping America together during some very desperate times. Desperate times call for Drastic measures and where there is a will, there is a way.

Looks like a trend developing here an we are in the midst of a change. For so long many of our leaders have gotten away with cheating the people they have sworn to protect and serve. They know they are doing it but for reasons unknown to me they fail to correct themselves before it is too late. It is never too late?

Well that sounds good, but every second you spend going the opposite direction, the further off-track you are, the further you must go to get back on track. Here are just three quick ones I pulled to help demostrate my point:

  • Ex-Sheriff Gets 3 Years For the third time a sheriff from Telfair County is headed to prison. You reckon he ever considered the consequences? Reckon he figured his chances of being caught were slim? His peers say, acts like these are an embrassment to the badge.

  • Michael Jackson A world class entertainer, if there was ever an example of how much changing one could do to ones self, I have to say Mike was it. Enablers? What was he covering up or what was he trying to prove?

  • Myself! Being frank for starters and then, being true to myself! I enjoy being around people like that.

Desperate times call for Drastic measures, if you have a significant other you might want to make it a higher priority to take time out to discuss issues important to you.

If you do not, I am ready, willing and able. Yes, I am recruiting! Have an idea, comments or suggestions of a way we can work closer together Email Art

Even one sentence can make all the difference: Quite frankly my dear I don't give a damn"-- Clark Gable, Gone with the Wind

Frankly, one word can make all the difference--Dying. Hope to hear something good from you soon. Art

Desperate times call for Drastic measures

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