Anxious People

where are you...Oh, what a tangled web we weave!

Immediate gratification vs. long term? The thinking, the sense, the notion that "you have arrived" only to learn, "it nothing like you thought"! The world is so full of betrayal and deceit anxiety attacks are more common than the common cold, but we're supposed to keep that under control.

What happens when you slip, fall down and you must lay there until the incident subsides? How stunning is this? The causes are investigated and there's the first diagnosis, the second, the third but the attacks continue. Does this mean there's no cure or they just didn't find it in time?

Is it that the obvious is being overlooked? Our society places so much pressure/value on you and stuff to be who you aren't and can never be until the realization of such manifests itself through chronic stress, depression and attacks. It's so bad, we're even afraid to go to sleep. Every second of our lives managed by a fucking CLOCK, do you know how much extra stress it is just to keep the damn thing ticking? And as short as life already is people have less time to do nothing. And then, we have the gall to profess we're more punctual. Ignored and another one bites the dust.

We're so busy looking for the wrong in shit, so busy reinventing the wheel, so busy defying the obvious, we're so delusional, so untrustworthy until it has all come down around us. The disorder is we don't want one of us to go unscathed, we want everybody to perish. And then it hits home, we label the shit an illness, a disorder, another something on the long ass list of foul shit we've created and we create a drug for that.

But look at the good list, how short, ignored, neglected, abused??? Another law added to the laws we already fail to enforce.

Antisocial, short fused, over dramatic and in a serious state of denial, isn't that an accurate description of our world today?

What is there to be happy about? We can makeup a lot of bullshit, none of which has any substance and by now, our world is so inundated with bullshit, nobody knows what to believe. The "big eyes and little yous". If we could properly manage any damn thing, then we wouldn't be in the predicament we're in.

Fears are built on the lies we tell and exposing them is criminal. Continue reading "Exposing a Crime"

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Embellishing the same lie!

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