Judging and Condemning

Can you look out on the world and see anything but dollars and cents?

I am guilty but working on it and I ask forgiveness because judging and condemning are not my intentions. Because you wrote it or it is in writing does not make it so. There are 100 ways to do anything, many of which I do not know and do not understand.

To judge is to be critical. If we are going to "judge righteous judgment," we must not judge by man's standard, which is flawed to begin with, but by God's standard. But not everyone believes in God? By whose law do we judge? True faith brings forth good works. Can I say even a blade of grass is out of place? Do I want to co-exist and work with nature or work against her?

    My mom left a few notes behind for me:

  • Forbid that I should judge others lest I condemn myself.

  • Are you a Brother to the weak?

  • Will a lonely dog follow you down the street? (not sure what she meant by this one), but obviously she was not alone because I found it here: Romantic love secrets!

  • Can you look at your brothers and sisters and see anything but judging and condemning?

  • True faith brings forth good works.

I want to be able to understand some things and accept those which I cannot. In all my efforts, I want to be able to distinguish truth from lie. Is embellishing the same as lying? When one tells a liar something, he cannot differentiate between what he tells him and what he made up. If we stop right there, will there be any need to judge and condemn? It is what it is. Did you or did not you?

Once you learn a lie and a liar, then treat it and them accordingly. Experience Teaches, in each case, know the causes and determine the symptoms. It did not say, beat, arrest, stone, imprison or any of that crazy stuff we do to condemn others. This is one way to stop lying.

There is no need or reason for some super natural being to destroy the world, man and the Government is already doing it.

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Restoring faith in mankind?

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