False Sense of Entitlement

Why do women always feel their entitled to something?

So, what is Quality Time?

In America everybody is entitled to something, but the crazy part about that all is nobody ever gets it, the right way? It’s amazing how we as a race make other races feel guilty for what we did to them. What happens when you do that?

A False Sense of Entitlement, especially, for a child to say about their parents? Can a parent say that about a child? Who’s the mature person?

Someone who has a false sense of entitlement, believes they should be #ONE? It's common for people, especially those of a young age, to assume that the world, school and even their parents owe them something but who decides the 5w’s about that?

Do we owe you safety and security or does all of that depend on how you treat yourself and others? Why do we feel we’re owed civil rights, but not human rights? How can a child fault their parents for what was not? Why should a parent feel guilty for not being able to be like “the Jones”? A sense of false security starts early on when a child learns about his or her peers.

Children are creatures of habit and as we train our children we should consider these facts.

1.     Narcissism www.your-inner-voice.com/Narcissism.html

Adult false sense of security. When the child is not corrected the same narcisstic  traits show themselves in the adult behavior. As for triggers it is material gain or learned behavior. A person runs into a little success and then becomes a conspicuous consumer. And the other time is when a child is poisoned against significant others by the primary caregiver(s).

Anyhow, these people displaying a false sense of security are harboring guilty feelings about the way they were treated, hence demanding the rest of the world owes them something. Consequently, people who fall victim to this ill behavior find themselves over compensating for issues they had no control at the time. It was what it was and we all make mistakes.

 As an American society, we’re taught to “give our children” that does not address the real issue. Though it’s a hard pill to swallow, we are actually hurting our citizens and society. What happened to their incentive to be good? As a result, we create a generation who cannot cope and have unrealistic expectations about themselves and others.

And the sad part about that all is those who over compensate are doing so to disguise a hidden agenda? When all could easily be resolved with a change in mindset and more effective communications.

The best way to accomplish that is to relook, reevaluate, reassign and confirm responsibilities. Why waste time? Family, home, how?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!