Falsely accused and charged!!! Dallas man freed, Texas man exonerated

Just how much does your integrity mean to you? What about your self-worth?

You received 30 Years prison time for a crime you did not commit and you turned down any chances of parole because you refuse to admit to being an offender of the crime you did not commit. Could this happen to you? Texas man declared innocent and freed after 30 years in prison for a crime he did not commit and was falsely accused. He says it's a 'joy' to be free again.

You could have been out of prison long ago, had you just confessed to a parole board that you was guilty of killing your girlfriend. Would you lie to increase your chances of being paroled? Would you admit to a crime you did not commit in order to receive a lesser sentence?

could have been out of prison long ago, had he just confessed to a parole board that he was guilty of killing his girlfriend in 1980.

The reverse of that is: You spent 30 years in prison because someone lied on you and our infallible Department of Justice system the courts, based on false information, levied a guilty verdict against you! 30 years now!!!

So what will be the consequences for such negligent judgments? Will financial compensation be enough? What lesson did we learn and heed? Will it be just business a usual? Certainly, not with the person falsely accused. Talking about integrity beyond reproach?

Why admit to something you did not do? I do not know but



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