Six senses and Home Land Security

Promote awareness on a variety of domestic and international safety and security issues.

Are we on top of our game? How are things in your town, neighborhood, town, communities - crime rates, who can you trust? Despite all of our efforts, our society is not secure or resilient enough today or for future purposes. That's very dangerous and I wonder why? Today, every facet of our livelihood is being threatened while we do what? We are living and sleeping with our enemies.

I would like to win just as much as anyone else, so how do I do that? Is there safety in the herd? Spiritually, what do you think? What is my responsibility as a member of the human pride?

Senses, what good are they when we do not use them? What about facing wicked problems? What's your comprehensive strategy? How many guns do you have and are they sufficient?

You know it is very easy to ignore all the early warning signs and symptoms of danger when that danger is not at your door? We read about them everyday, but we only look for someone else to be responsible. If it is not broken, don't fix it, but would you know if our safety and security is broken and failing?

Safety and security, who's responsibility is that? Home Land Security, can they do the job without the help of people? Upon what people are they depending? Home Land security, just how do we get it?

Humans are considered to have at least five senses, but how many of them do we use on a regular basis? What about our state of readiness? How prepared are we? How often do we get a chance to practice, all together? What about disaster training? Are we setting ourselves up for success or failure? Safety and security, when should you let your guards down? What normally happens the minute you let your guards down? Really, how alert or tuned to what's going on around you are you? A chain is no stronger than the weakest link. If we slack up?

Dumbing down or dulling one's senses is the act of failing to listen and obey your own senses. Are you trustworthy? Do you trust your own instincts? On what are you depending to be your first early warning sign? Well, if you are walking around with an ear bud stuck in you ear, what is that doing to your senses? What about playing extremely loud music or working around extremely loud noises? You are dulling your own sense of hearing.

Not trusting our own instincts, we implement added security measures. It seems the more we implement, the more comfortable we become, the more security measures we need. Take terrorism for example; were the previous security measures not good enough, in part or in whole? Now, bring the same security measures to your home, the place where you should feel most safe and secure.

What security measures are you implementing? No person can be on full alert 24/7, so have you included overlapping coverage? Do you regularly check it? Are you tied into the bigger picture? What about when not at home, do your neighbors look out for you? How secure is your neighborhood? From whom are you protecting yourself? Who is your enemy?

Do you remember the time we slept comfortably with doors unlocked? We knew our neighbors because we worked together? Our neighbors cared and looked out for us? What better safety and security could we have? Today, we have compromised that and implemented what we think are more sophisticated measures. The problem remains, who is your neighbor? Are they friend or foe? Most of us would not think of sleeping with our doors unlocked. We call that taking unnecessary risks, so what is that saying to us? What about the spiritual aspect of things, what about our faith?

The traditional six senses are sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste and SPIRIT. These are your tools and your ability to use them determines your skill levels. These six senses provides, overlapping coverage and monitoring of a variety of fields simultaneously, most notably what is going on immediately around us. However, they are quickly being ignored and replaced by what we think are more dependable means for our safety and security. Yet, our environment is increasingly less safe and secure, so what are we doing? We are quickly creating and A false sense of security. Are we adequately addressing the potential for compromise? Are we setting ourselves up for failure? Terrorism.

Spiritually, what do you think? Spirituality, as a sense is my amazing new discovery. Of all our senses Spirituality is the most important. It will bring you out of your lowest of lows. Spirituality is all about relationships, kindred spirits with yourself and others. Being partially spiritual is the same as being totally lost.

So, what can I do to help homeland security? I can encourage those with whom I come into contact to spiritually get it together and the rest will fall into place and that safety and security starts from the bottom up, one by one.

I can invite you to join me. The United States is an increasingly digital nation where the strength and vitality of our economy, infrastructure, public safety, and national security have been built on the foundation of cyberspace. Effectively protecting cyberspace requires strong vision and leadership and will require changes in policy, technology, education, and perhaps law. Join me?.

Homeland Security support efforts to provide greater technical assistance to local and state first responders and dramatically increase funding for reliable, interoperable communications systems. Online Education?

Follow your senses, increase the strength and vitality of our economy, infrastructure, public safety and Home Land Safety and Security. Stay on Top of your game keeping your skills in tip top shape. There is a new master of the digital universe, YOU!

Lower your bills ((DIY))?

(((your inner

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