How to protect yourself

How do you answer that question, you or your possessions?

What we are dealing with is riding your false sense of security? If you think your life is protected, but all other is secure, you have got it all backwards! Do you spend as much effort protecting yourself and your family as you do your material goods, possessions, wealth? What is a GOOD NEIGHBOR?

Why you're an easy target for thieves?

Failing to adhere to these security measures not only endangers your home, your computer, your personal finances, but YOUR LIFE. YOur life? Which is the most valuable? Ask people who have never had a break-in, home invasion, robbery. Go directly to the source!

The Game is Deep and there is a lot of hype out there! It renders you helpless, making you an easier target? You are the target, too vulnerable to thieves and sophisticated criminals.

    What are you doing right now to make it easier for thieves? We always want to take the shortcut, depending on less secure means and common sense, to protect our homes and selves!

  • Doors Locked. We used to sleep with doors unlocked and nothing went missing.

  • Overlooking. What are you overlooking, are you a caring neighbor?

  • Careless? Families get in a hurry and forget their heads? Always practice good safety and security procedures.

  • Stupidity? Thinking a gun or a more elaborate electronic security system is your first and best lines of defense. False sense of security and Too relaxed. (((Not against owning guns, but the stats are what they are)))?

  • Security and Safety Conscience? How well are you trained? Do you know your neighbors? All your elaborate electronic security systems are no better than you.

  • Responsible? Accepting responsibility is having a heightened sense of concern. Neighborhood security equates to better home security. Some neighborhoods just do not tolerate criminal activities. You had better go somewhere?

  • THINK LIKE A CRIMINAL until you catch him or her! Who is casing the joint? Is that security rep official or casing your joint?

  • Be alert, attentive, thorough, not only to your possessions, but also for the possessions of those around you! Do that for a more secure America. Your neighborhood is a watch!

    Making break-ins too easy has contributed to the significant increase in home invasions. Right now, the more electronic security measures we employ, the higher the crime rate soars.

    Does not that indicate we are moving in the wrong direction? Are criminals the same people who create and install these elaborate sophisticated electronic alarm systems? Are they doing it to scare you into paying more for them? Does turning on/off your alarm system alert sophisticated criminals? How do criminals know who has what, when?

Sophisticated criminals are no joke and are going to take what they want. They are constantly watching and spend much more time and effort than you spend being safety and security conscience!

Reverse psychology? We were doing better with less elaborate electronic security systems and lights, you can look at a house and tell. Further the game is constantly changing.

Now, doors are locked everywhere. Are things safer or more dangerous? What if we went back to the basic, reckon you would catch that criminal? Would not that be the best deterent?

(((your inner

Being Thorough?

Family and Friends!

Family and friends who lie?


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